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Let The Terrior Wars Begin! Misspelled Word Causing Conflict At Indiana War Memorial

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If you were hoping for a gang of luscious little puppies running around in a video to distract you from work, then I hate to break it to you, but I’m about to disappoint. What’s actually happening, however, is people are finally getting a sense of why the concept of “spell check” is so important.…

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Man Accidentally Shoots His Penis Off – But That’s NOT His Worst Problem

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If you ask a man what the worst possible thing is that could happen to him, one of two things will be said: either he will talk about losing his job or he will talk about losing his penis. So, when a man accidentally shoots his penis off, that’s a big deal. Right? Not for…

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‘This Beach Is Mine!’: Chris Christie Roasted On A Campfire In Hilarious Memes

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In case you haven’t heard, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is back in the news for yet another bone-headed move: Christie shut down beaches and state-run parks because of massive budget cuts, then was found lounging on one of the closed beaches with his family for the Independence Day Weekend. He was spotted at Island Beach State…

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WATCH: Couple Filmed Joining Mile High Club In Hot Water: They’re Both In Relationships

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Alcohol can drastically lower a person’s inhibitions, causing them to do things they’d normally shy away from. For example, canoodling in a public space while surrounded by other people. According to this woman’s friends, alcohol is to blame for her getting a little too physical with a fellow airplane passenger as others watched. Tracy Bolton and…

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Trump Interrupts Landmark Phone Call To Assert His Heterosexuality

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For those of you who have not heard the news, Ireland has officially elected not only its youngest prime minister, but its first gay prime minister (also known as the Irish Taoiseach). Leo Varadkar, the son of an immigrant, was fairly voted to be the next leader of the country’s main governing party, ushering in a new…

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Yes, There ARE People Who Believe Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows

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Studies are now showing that 7% of all Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. The study was commissioned and conducted online by the Innovative Center of U.S. Dairy, and while 7% might not seem like a big deal, it is when you realize that percentage means 16.4 million Americans believe this preposterous fact.…

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The Twitter Message Bill Clinton’s “Love Child” Left For Him On Father’s Day

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Alright, so no one really knows if the claims this man is making are true, but 31-year old Danney Williams posted a series of messages on his Twitter account thanking the man who “abandoned him” for “giving him life.” Even though you abandoned me and only took care of Chelsea, I still want to thank…

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Widow Threatens Late Husband’s Mistress With A Hitman

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A Texas school principal’s mistress finds herself in hot water after the wife of the principal branded her a “whore” and stated she would “hire a hitman” if she could afford it. This exchange came just days after the principal killed himself after being confronted about the affair by school authorities. Tammy Reeves, the wife…

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KKK Apologist Now Responsible For Educating Georgian Kids

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Not only is racism still alive and well in our country, but our government has no problem with having racist educators. KKK Representative Tommy Benton (R-Georgia) is a retired teacher with some strong Southern pride. He’s not just proud about living below the Mason-Dixon Line, though. He doesn’t understand why people don’t like the Ku Klux Klan,…

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After Finding A Worm In A Packaged Cucumber, Customer Service Hilarity Ensued

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Wes Metcalfe took on the brave world of customer service departments when he contacted Tesco after finding a worm housed in his packaged cucumber. Now, we all understand the world of customer service can be grueling, unforgiving, and unsympathetic. So, Metcalfe decided to try and tug at the heartstrings of the customer service department by…

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Maine Man Amasses Army Of Unique ‘Soldiers’ To Combat City Hall (VIDEO)

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Hell hath no fury like an upset Mainer, apparently. In Augusta, Maine, a very aggrieved local apartment tenant traveled to city hall in order to complain about a pesky problem that he has apparently had for quite some time. The unnamed man chastised his municipal government for not responding to his general assistance request in a timely fashion.…

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Wisconsin Judge Uses An App To Decide A Man’s 6-Year Prison Sentence

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We have all heard stories about judges handing out creative punishments for people who find themselves in their courtrooms: from holding up embarrassing signs on the side of the road to being subjected to hours of loud music, many judges around the country are getting creative with their punishments in order to teach lessons and…

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A Pair of Vampire Lovers Practice Disturbing Hygiene (VIDEO)

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In folklore and film, vampires are suave, yet malevolent beings who thirst for blood. The more innocent the victim, the better. Before Bram Stoker made the vampire attractive with his 1897 novel Dracula, vampires belonged primarily to the peasant villages of Central and Eastern Europe. From Bavaria to Bulgaria, vampires were depicted as the bloated corpses…

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9 True Stories That Prove Real Life Is Scarier Than Horror Films

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We all watch those superb movies based on true events of mind-blowing people who did incredible things with their lives. From Schindler’s List to The Imitation Game, movies based on people who have done extraordinary things with their lives pull us in and seduce us with their chilling, thrilling, and god-like achievements during the most…

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Trump Nominee Calls SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy ‘Judicial Prostitute’

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As if this comes as a shocker to anyone, one of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees has made the statement that Justice Anthony Kennedy is a “judicial prostitute.” Damien Schiff, who has been nominated for an open seat in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, is an active blogger with heavy opinions, and in one…

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A Woman Marries A Building, Claims To Have Romantic Connection (VIDEO)

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Forty-five-year-old Carol Santa Fe, a native of San Diego, California, is a happily married woman. She has had the same lover for a whopping thirty-six years. According to Carol, the love of her life is the Santa Fe train station. Ever since she was nine-years-old, Carol has been in love with the old building. The…

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Man Tries To Help ‘Removes Transgender Woman’s Testicles’ At Her Apartment — Hint: Don’t Do This At Home

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A man from Denver, Colorado is currently being accused of removing a transgender woman’s testicles with a basic Army surgical kit in the confines of her own home. James Pennington, the type of person you would think to promote this exact type of action, is now facing felony assault charges after he admitted to the…

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One-Eyed Mammal Is Now A Rockstar In India (VIDEO)

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Miracles are real. They happen every day. However, it is not every day a miracle turns into an object of worship. In the Assam region of India, a goat mother recently gave birth to a baby with one eye and one ear. Local veterinarians did not give the little baby much chance of making it…

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A Moment Of Passion Is Man’s Last (VIDEO)

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Although not all of the facts are in yet, we can safely say that one North Charleston man had the unluckiest night of his life. He came and went more or less at the same time, if you catch the drift. On Friday night, police in North Charleston, South Carolina received an urgent call about…

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Nebraska Neighbor From Hell Sent Strippers To His Neighbors Porch

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Douglas Goldsberry may not be worst neighbor ever, but the particular tactic he used to terrify his neighbors is one of the most unique in recorded history. According to police records, Goldsberry, 45, hired erotic dancers to strip on the front porch of a home that belonged to a family that lived across the street. Over…

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A Black Mass Is Caught On Video in Thailand (VIDEO)

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Be forewarned: if you do not like creepy crawlies, then you should stop reading this article right now. But, since you’re already here, let’s talk about how hundreds of black caterpillars in Thailand decided to join together in order to form a slow-moving train that greased across a tiled floor. Earlier this month, a shocked…

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Haunted Doll Wanders Through House And Attacks Family While Sleeping (VIDEO)

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Dolls are creepy things. That is undeniable. Making matters worse is the fact that Hollywood has made many (too many?) movies about possessed dolls. In Child’s Play, serial killer Charles Lee Ray puts his soul into the body of the ginger-haired doll Chucky. In Annabelle, the murderous Disciples of the Ram place a demon inside of the…

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New Jersey Teen’s Prom Ride Knocks ‘Em Dead (VIDEO)

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In the average American high school, students have to confront their awkward years along with everyone else. This can lead to some rather interesting results. Of course, cliques, which are more or less wholesome gangs created out of mutual interest or hatred, exist in order to pester those whose awkward years are especially clumsy. However,…

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Take A Dump Like A Trump On One Of These Golden Toilets

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When a series of golden toilets have begun popping up around Indianapolis and Muncie, Indiana nobody was entirely sure what exactly was going on. It was clearly political, each toilet and “Take a Trump!” written on its tanks but who had created and placed the toilets and why was a mystery. Under the lid of each toilet…

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North Korean Ships Keep Washing Ashore In Japan With Shocking Cargo (VIDEO)

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For years, Japan’s neighbors have been using the sea to quietly invade them. From China, Japanese fishermen have grown accustomed to the garbage that blows over to their side of the Pacific. From North Korea, a much more malodorous cargo has been washing ashore. Since 2015, fourteen boats from North Korea have landed on Japan’s western…

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Kodak Hid An Explosive And Dangerous Device For Decades (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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For about 30 years, Kodak kept weapons-grade uranium hidden underneath their labs in Rochester, New York. The same type of uranium that’s used to make nuclear weapons. They used it to scan other materials. With a concentration level of 93.4% though, it’s the stuff terrorists dream of. Luckily they only had about a tenth of what’s…

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It Begins: Zombie Fox Attempts A Home Invasion (VIDEO)

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In some movies it begins with a plague outbreak. Others involve voodoo curses or the Book of Revelation. In real life, it may just start with one deranged fox in the Russian town of Usinsk. In a terrifying video, a clearly bloodied fox bites and claws at what appears to be a metal doorstop. Then, just…

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Berlin Cemetery Haunted By Creepy Crawlies (VIDEO)

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Cemeteries are supposed to be a little spooky. After all, horror movies, novels, and television shows that involve cemeteries also tend to involve ghosts, vampires, or demons. Well, the historic Weissensee Cemetery in Berlin is currently haunted by more everyday horrors. Weissensee is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in all of Europe. It is…

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The Inducer Pizza Has An Unusual Side Effect

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Hawthorne’s New York Pizza and Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina has recently seen an uptick in its pregnant clientele. The reason? One of the company’s pizza pies promises to help women to give birth. Apparently, pregnant women believe that consuming the “The Inducer,” which comes with medium-hot Buffalo sauce, mozzarella cheese, and chicken, helps their…

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Semi-Truck Hits Nissan And Drags It On The Freeway! (VIDEO)

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Next time someone cuts you off on the freeway and you think that they are the dumbest person on the planet, consider yourself lucky. Last week in California a semi-truck hauling 50,000 pounds of carrots attempted to switch lanes to move around a slow truck in front. It did so successfully with only one fault:…

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Moscow Has A New Terminator (VIDEO)

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The 1987 film RoboCop imagined a futuristic Detroit wherein crime had gotten so bad that a law and order cyborg armed with a hand-held machine gun was built in order to make the streets safe again. In the film, which was panned by many professional movie reviewers as a paean to fascism, both the Detroit Police Department and…

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Crappy Situation: Texas Woman Gets Hand Stuck In The Worst Place Possible (VIDEO)

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We all have bad days. Sometimes, these bad days turn into incredibly embarrassing bad days. One woman in New Caney, Texas had her horrible, terrible, not-so-good day reported online for millions to read about and watch. Gracie Henderson, in an attempt to manually fix a clogged toilet, put her left hand into the bowl. She…

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The Show Will NOT Go On – At Least Not Without An Exorcism (VIDEO)

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Actors can be a rather picky lot. The usual assortment of divas, prima donnas, and arrogant self-aggrandizers tend to be a drag on almost every production. However, actors at the Old Granada Studios in Manchester, England have continually cut short their rehearsals for a very odd reason–ghosts. According to many thespians and technicians at the…

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US Navy SEAL Facing Possible Hard Times For Porn Career (VIDEO)

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Chief Warrant Officer Joseph John Schmidt III, a US Navy SEAL with twenty-three years of service, is currently in dutch because of his second career. Mr. Schmidt moonlights as a porn star. Filmed often in conjunction with his wife, porn starlet Jewels Jade, Mr. Schmidt, 42, has appeared in at least 29 adult videos. What’s…

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Outraged Pelican ATTACKS A Drone, Sends It Spiraling To The Ground (VIDEO)

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On March 30, a video quickly spread. With one watch you will be chanting “Duck!” …But it’s not a duck. As Marlin so charmingly put in Finding Nemo, that’s a pelican. The video—filmed on Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica—depicts a pelican not-so-charmingly crashing into a drone camera head on. The drone is quickly jolted…

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Prowler’s Plans Get Spiked With Hilarious Results

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Typically, the police have to go through a bit of effort to nab a criminal for the big arrest. However, for a local police department in Arizona, baggy pants and a spiked fence proved to be two unlikely components of a recent arrest. It all began when a small time crook broke into the grounds…

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Illinois Town Solves Its Voting Problem With A Very Odd, Old Trick

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Democracy is supposed to be serious business. Years after the reforms of the Athenian politician Solon, a revolutionary and democratic constitution was ushered in for the Greek citizens of that particular city-state. However, the Greek democracies of the ancient world privileged duties more than rights, and unlike the liberal democracies of today, the census of the…

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British Scientist Blames House Explosion On This Animal (Video)

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Whenever a home goes up in flames, investigators usually sift through the evidence in order to uncover whether arson or mechanical failures were to blame. One year-long case in England is problematizing this standard approach. In Haxby, York, the body of a 63-year-old man named Paul Wilmott was discovered three meters from his house underneath dirt…

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Mayan People Seemed To Love Their Wine – Butt They Drank It In An Odd Way (IMAGES/VIDEO)

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The ancient Mayans contributed a lot to society, including an extensive writing system and their famous calendar. Their day to day life, however, was a bit odd. 1. Children of the Corn When it comes to our origins, there are several theories. For example, some people still believe in creationism. There’s also the Scientology theory,…

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Ivanka Trump And Women’s Rights, Part 2: The Planned Parenthood Clapback

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In a beautiful part two in Ivanka Trump’s women’s rights smokescreen, Planned Parenthood has finally spoken out about the hypocrisy and unbelievable attack on women’s rights in multiple executive orders during her father’s administration. Everyone has noticed how eerily silent Ivanka has been since assuming her role as a presidential adviser to her father, and…

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Grave-Robbing Italian Gangsters’ Bizarre Plot To Steal A Speed Demon Foiled (VIDEO)

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When you’re famous, even death won’t keep you safe from the adoring public. Or criminals. In a rather bizarre bid to earn some quick cash, a 30-man drug gang in Italy concocted a plot wherein they would dig up the body of Enzo Ferrari, the legendary car manufacturer, and hold the corpse for ransom. The…

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Gucci Mane’s New Autobiography Reveals The Truth Behind Conspiracies!!

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Since his September, 2016 release date from prison, Gucci Mane has—needless to say—been grinding. He not only released his 10th studio album, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, but he released the title and a solid TBA on an 11th. What truly has followers on the edge of their seats, however, is his announcement of…

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Woman Takes An Unbelievable Selfie At The Exact Moment THIS Happened

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The selfie can be dangerous. There are numerous articles on the internet about teens and twentysomethings getting into trouble thanks to their desire to promote their virtual vanity. One woman in Santa Barbara, California learned the hard way that a selfie does not make you immune to Mother Nature. A 20-year-old Twitter user named @youngweonhi…

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This Standard Before-The-Interview Question Shouldn’t Get It Canceled (TWEETS)

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In a perfect society, people could do what they want for a living without worrying about money. We don’t live in a perfect society. Nailed It Taylor Byrnes applied for a job at SkipTheDishes in Winnipeg, Canada. It’s a food delivery service whose name encourages people to order from them to avoid the after effects…

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Congress Just Stripped You Of Your Right To Privacy Online Because Murika! (VIDEO)

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Keeping true to slimy form, Republicans are now stripping your right to privacy while you are on the Internet. While the news media is doing all they can to keep up with the massive amount of treasonous and barbaric actions of the Trump Administration, Republicans have been quietly dismantling every possible law that protects the…

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Drunk Workers Cost BMW More Than Time

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In an automotive manufacturing plant production shutdowns are rare, but when they happen, they can be quite costly for the company in terms of time and financial loss. For BMW, a recent production shutdown occured for a very unusual reason. Typically a shutdown occurs due to an accident or a disovered error in the manufacturing…

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Frisky Russian Raccoon Develops A New Obsession (VIDEO)

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One zoo in Russia has a very unique problem. The Moscow Zoo claims that a raccoon named Thomas developed an unhealthy obsession with female breasts after taking part in a racy photoshoot. According to a spokesperson for the petting zoo, Thomas’ fetish came after he was “traumatized” by a commercial ad that featuring a topless…

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Woman On The Loose After A Crime Involving Two Patties And A Bun (VIDEO)

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You don’t need an actual weapon to cause bodily harm. For example, you could use your hands to choke someone or push them up against a wall. You could even kick people with your legs. If none of those tactics work, there’s always cheeseburgers. A recent altercation between a mother and daughter left quite the…

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SATIRE DEBUNKED: The Tickling Bandit Of Texas

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People on social media are breathing a sigh of relief. More specifically, they’re unclenching their butts because a criminal is no longer on the loose. Not just any criminal, though. A butt hole tickler. In December of 2015, fake news site Not Allowed To posted a vague article claiming that a man in Texas had finally been captured.…

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This Deliver Request Has A Restaurant In Dublin Cracking Up (TWEET)

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When it comes to ordering a pizza, many customers have been known to add an interesting extra item to their order with the requests varying in scope and scale. However, one restaurant received an extremely eccentric addition to a food order that might have perhaps raised the bar on requests of this type and nature.…

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