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Wikileaks Vault 7 What Should We Know? (VIDEO)

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Vault 7

So as you should know Wikileaks have released almost 9000 documents from the CIA called Vault 7 Part 1 Year Zero. The articles are still being studied, but here are a few interesting facts we know so far: The CIA were developing the technology to take over a car remotely and crash it to make…

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Is Pamela Anderson Dating Wikileaks Head Julian Assange? (AUDIO)

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It has come to light that there may be more to Pamela Anderson’s visits to the Ecuadorian embassy than first meets the eye. Former Baywatch starlet Anderson has been photographed visiting the head of Wikileaks and, in a recent interview on Australian radio, Assange acted quite coy when asked about her. Australian shock jock Kyle Sandilands…

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Wikileaks Teases With Vault 7 Mystery (VIDEO)

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vault 7

Wikileaks have been teasing the public with their Twitter account. There have been three tweets in the past few days that refer to vault 7. One tweet asks ‘What is vault 7?’: What is #Vault7? pic.twitter.com/PrjBU0LSAF — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) February 4, 2017 The next tweet asks ‘Where is vault 7?’: Where is #Vault7? pic.twitter.com/1HTTYQrrIN — WikiLeaks…

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Moscow Accuses US of ‘Amateurish’ Behavior Regarding Election Hacking (VIDEO)

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Russia has apparently decided that the election hacking scandal has gone beyond ridiculous. Moscow Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that Moscow has grown “tired” of what is “reminiscent of a witch hunt,” and that it sees US hacking intelligence allegations as “amateurish” in nature. He also told reporters that the intelligence report released…

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