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Can You Work Out How BOTH Of These Twins Are The Oldest?

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If you are a fan of puzzles, try this one on for size. Seth and Emily Peterson recently became the proud parents of not one, but two beautiful little boys, Samuel and Ronan who are BOTH the oldest twin. Impossible you might say but it happened at Cape Cod Hospital and is clearly documented. Still…

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Jay Z And Beyonce Just Made A MAJOR Baby Announcement

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The famous couple and musical superstars, Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z just announced via Instagram that they are expecting, not one, but two new babies. The duo already has one beautiful little girl named Blue Ivy but they are now expanding by two. Beyonce looks absolutely stunning, as usual, with her growing baby belly in…

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These Beautiful Twins Prove That Skin Color Means Nothing (VIDEO)

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Does race matter? What is race, for that matter? Is it ethnicity, or place of origin? Is race actually destiny? A family in Quincy, Illinois knows that race is not determined by skin color, and race is not what defines us. They know this because they were blessed with beautiful twin girls last April. The…

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Three Sets Of ‘Two-Year Twins’ Born On New Year’s Eve

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On New Year’s Eve, there were several sets of children born late that night. These twins have something unique about them. One of them was born before midnight, and the other was born after. These babies are twins with different birth years. San Diego, California San Diego has had two sets of “two-year twins” born…

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