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Texas Parent Asks Museum To Reschedule Eclipse Party – HILARIOUS (IMAGES)

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In what has become a HILARIOUS post, a Texas parent asked a museum to reschedule their Eclipse Party…

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Widow Threatens Late Husband’s Mistress With A Hitman

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A Texas school principal’s mistress finds herself in hot water after the wife of the principal branded her a “whore” and stated she would “hire a hitman” if she could afford it. This exchange came just days after the principal killed himself after being confronted about the affair by school authorities. Tammy Reeves, the wife…

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Texas Police Chief Investigated After Allegedly Calling Beauty Queen ‘Black Bitch’

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You know how driving students are taught to stay away from erratic drivers on the road? According to a recent incident in Texas, doing so will land you in jail. That is if you’re Black. Erratic Driver Carmen Ponder is Miss Black Texas U.S. Ambassador 2016. She’s also interning with the District Attorney’s Office in…

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Texas Sheriff Says Manchester Bombing Happened Because The Brits Don’t Own Enough Guns

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Well, just in case you were wondering, Texas has not grown any more intelligent or informed in the past week. At least some people in Texas haven’t. That includes Sheriff Tracy Murphree of Denton county. The Texas lawman took to Facebook on Monday to pontificate about the causes of the deadly terrorist bombing in Manchester,…

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Texas Attempts To Only Allow The Straight And Holy To Adopt In Their State

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Non-Christian or LGBT parents could soon be rejected in Texas when trying to adopt children. This proposed bill would allow faith-based agencies or state-funded agencies with faith-based objections to people who are Jewish, LGBT, single, an interfaith couple, Muslim or anything else they don’t like. Catherine Oakley, senior legislative counsel for the Human Rights Campaign,…

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Parents Recreate Blockbuster For Autistic Son (IMAGE/TWEET)

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A 20-year-old autistic man, Hector Zuniga, in Texas went to Blockbuster twice a week every week for years. He was very sad when he found out his local store was closing, so his parents made a mini one at home for him. The final week the store was open, they took Hector to the store…

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SATIRE DEBUNKED: The Tickling Bandit Of Texas

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People on social media are breathing a sigh of relief. More specifically, they’re unclenching their butts because a criminal is no longer on the loose. Not just any criminal, though. A butt hole tickler. In December of 2015, fake news site Not Allowed To posted a vague article claiming that a man in Texas had finally been captured.…

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Tit For Tat: Texas State Rep. Wants To Fine Men For Doing What? (VIDEO)

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Texas parody law

In a surprise move, Jessica Farrar, a  Texas State Representative has put forward a law to try and illustrate to men how many women feel about anti-abortion laws. She has put forward a proposal for men to be fined for …ahem… pleasuring themselves. It is of course a joke and a “how would you like it” parody…

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