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NASA Scientist Tries To Keep A Straight Face After This Question From GOP (VIDEO)

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NASA scientists do not know everything, but they know a lot. They are in fact rocket scientists and it turns out many congressmen are not. That is fine, as they don’t have to be. However, a question that was asked at a recent House of Representative hearing on Science, Space, and Technology’s Space Subcommittee displayed…

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The Internet Is Going Nuts Over What The Mars Rover Might Have Found (VIDEO)

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A picture emerged that sent a Sci-fi loving section of the internet into a frenzy. The picture contains an image of something metallic-looking, and was taken on the planet Mars. Of course, this has many people claiming and hoping that it is indeed a photo of a UFO. It is round and shiny looking. The photo…

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Ridley Scott Warns About The Reality Of Aliens (VIDEO)

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Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott has a new Alien film that he is currently promoting, but he also has a stark warning about the prospect of meeting real aliens. Scott does not believe the coming together of intergalactic creatures would have a happy ending. In a recent interview with AFP, the famous director warned about a possible alien meeting:…

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This Photo Of Space Comes In At 2 Billion GLORIOUS Pixels (IMAGE)

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In one of the largest pictures ever released by the European Southern Observatory, the Cat’s Paw Nebula and Lobster Nebula can be viewed unlike any other time in history. The photo comes in at 49,511×39,136 pixels, nearly two billion, and was taken by the OmegaCAM, a very large telescope. The two nebula are similar in that they…

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This Mannequin Challenge Literally Beats Every Single One On Earth (VIDEO)

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Oh, you took everyone in your school and made them do the mannequin challenge? Oh, you had six of your friends act like they were fighting in a still framed mannequin challenge? Well guess what…your challenge sucks compared to this one. The European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet recently tweeted a video of himself and…

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