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Trump Continues To Parade His Delusional Beliefs In Front Of The Whole World

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If you have been watching Saturday Night Live for as many years as I have, you’ll probably remember the character known as “The Pathological Liar.” Comedian Jon Lovitz played the liar, named Tommy Flanagan. It was hilarious to watch him lie about his own fabulous achievements. One clip from the show featured Tommy Flanagan making a…

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SATIRE: Breaking News About Trump That A Lot Of Us Suspected All Along

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  Twitter, oh, Twitter! Such a fabulous place to share ideas and to point out other people’s insanity. The Huffington Post reports that last weekend the social media site was filled with tweets about Donald Trump. Oh, I know, that part’s not unusual. But Saturday Night Live had used an opening skit that featured the President facing…

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Sydney Herald Presents ‘Spicer-ize My Name’ (VIDEO)

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been the butt of jokes from SNL’s rendition of him chasing the press around on a motorized scooter to countless memes all over the web. But don’t feel too bad for him because he brings every single bit of it on himself. The newest trend is focusing on…

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Leslie Jones Is Our New Hero With Her Rendition Of Trump (VIDEO)

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The amazingly hilarious actress and comedian, Leslie Jones recently did an SNL clip where she expressed her want to play the coveted role of our idiot president, Donald Trump. Alec Baldwin has hit a home run every time he gets up and speaks as Trump. In the skit Jones speaks directly to the camera about…

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Christine Baranski Wants To Play This SNL Role (VIDEO)

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With the politically charged revival of Saturday Night Live, and a strong dislike towards the current regime among Hollywood’s biggest and brightest, the stars are standing in line for a chance to imitate President Trump’s cabinet in upcoming episodes. The latest request came from The Good Wife’s, Christine Baranski who told Vanity Fair that she…

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Kristen Stewart Takes An AWESOME Jab At Trump

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Everybody knows that, due to Saturday Night Live’s constant hilarious presidential skits, President Trump can’t help but watch every time the show debuts. Kristen Stewart, this past Saturday’s SNL host knew that very fact and made sure to send a message to him. Stewart started the show by talking about the Twilight series and how…

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SNL And Alec Baldwin Hit It Out Of The Park Yet Again (VIDEO)

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Saturday Night Live, specifically Alec Baldwin, has been pulling all the punches when it comes to President-elect Donald Trump’s more than interesting and chaotic public appearances. SNL has covered everything from the debates to Trump’s loving relationship with Vladimir Putin, and much to the real elect’s Twitter dismay. Well, after a ridiculous and childish showing…

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