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Angelic Voice Heard In Boston Hospital Is Comfort Food For The Soul (VIDEO)

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  Very, very few people enjoy being in the hospital. Most people find it frightening and depressing to have to spend any time under hospital care. The antiseptic smells, the bright lights, the impersonal workers who bustle around while you wait for your nurse or doctor. Not the kind of place where you expect to do…

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2-Year-Old Baby ROCKS A Rendition Of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ (VIDEO)

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Two-year-old Sophia from Lansing, MI has thrilled us all with her adorable rendition of Dolly Parton’s hit song, “Jolene.” The little girl’s video, posted on her mom’s Facebook account has gotten over six million views and counting. Brooke Kingsley, Sophia’s mother talked about the importance of music in her life and how it had been…

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WATCH President Obama Sing Justin Bieber’s Hit Song, ‘Let Me Love You’ (VIDEO)

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Oh the sweet amazingness of the YouTube channel Baracksdubs. There is nothing more relaxing than watching President Obama kick back and sing some Justin Bieber. Actually it’s not so much relaxing as it is absolutely hilarious. This video has pieced Obama’s different speeches together so that he is singing Justin Bieber and DJ Snake’s hit…

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