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Clothing Store Flaunts Dad Bod Chic Mannequin In Men’s Department

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Like most of the fashion world, mannequins have been invented to make us feel fat. For the ladies, they have improbably small waists, large busts, and inconceivably perky backsides. As for the men, they look like plastic statues of Tom Brady. Abs, abs, abs. Stores all over the world use these body dysmorphic disorder inducing…

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Meet The Internet’s Concierge Of All Things Weird

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Weird or Confusing is a website emboldening e-commerce by removing the middle man in our search for weird things we can buy online. The site, which averages more than 8,000 unique visitors per day, directs its users to the strangest Amazon pages known to man. We decided to try it out for ourselves and were…

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Sneaky Kid Uses Mom’s Fingerprint To Buy Pokemon Merchandise

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Arkansas mother Bethany Howell lost $250 this Christmas. She has fingerprint protection for her phone, but her daughter figured out a way around that. While her mother was sleeping, 6-year-old Ashlynd used her mother’s thumb to unlock the phone. Then, she ordered $250 worth of Pokemon merchandise. At first, her parents thought they had been hacked.…

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