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Owners Set Up Social Media Accounts For Their Synthetic Humanoids And Its Bizarre! (VIDEO)

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It seems that realistic sex dolls have become a thing. Well that might not be that surprising, if they exist there is obviously a demand. A strange development has been that some of the owners of sex dolls have set up social media accounts on behalf of their dolls. You would think a lifeless doll…

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Teen Vogue Published A Helpful Guide For Teens And Parents Are Freaking Out About It

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 Teen Vogue published a guide on anal sex for teens and anyone interested in the subject. Parents are absolutely freaking out! The magazine touted it as: “… The lowdown on everything you need to know about butt stuff, no matter who you are, whom you’re having sex with, or who you want to have sex…

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A Pair of Vampire Lovers Practice Disturbing Hygiene (VIDEO)

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In folklore and film, vampires are suave, yet malevolent beings who thirst for blood. The more innocent the victim, the better. Before Bram Stoker made the vampire attractive with his 1897 novel Dracula, vampires belonged primarily to the peasant villages of Central and Eastern Europe. From Bavaria to Bulgaria, vampires were depicted as the bloated corpses…

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A Woman Marries A Building, Claims To Have Romantic Connection (VIDEO)

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Forty-five-year-old Carol Santa Fe, a native of San Diego, California, is a happily married woman. She has had the same lover for a whopping thirty-six years. According to Carol, the love of her life is the Santa Fe train station. Ever since she was nine-years-old, Carol has been in love with the old building. The…

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Burglar Steals Grandmother’s Security Camera To Cover-Up Embarassment

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The Dunbar Police Department in West Virginia got a call about a daylight robbery on April 23rd. Pretty normal call, right? Wrong. St. Albans resident Tristan Tucker admitted to police that he was responsible for the robbery. His own grandmother told police that her 27-year-old grandson had repeatedly broke into her house. This time Tucker…

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A Moment Of Passion Is Man’s Last (VIDEO)

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Although not all of the facts are in yet, we can safely say that one North Charleston man had the unluckiest night of his life. He came and went more or less at the same time, if you catch the drift. On Friday night, police in North Charleston, South Carolina received an urgent call about…

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Nebraska Neighbor From Hell Sent Strippers To His Neighbors Porch

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Douglas Goldsberry may not be worst neighbor ever, but the particular tactic he used to terrify his neighbors is one of the most unique in recorded history. According to police records, Goldsberry, 45, hired erotic dancers to strip on the front porch of a home that belonged to a family that lived across the street. Over…

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Make Sure You Bring Those Hand Wipes Because In This Place STD’s Aren’t Reserved For Intimacy

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Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, obviously imply sexual contact. It would seem logical that if you really wanted to get an STD (why would you?), you would first have to have sex. Well, throw logic out of the window, for there are some places where you can get an STD without doing the deed yourself.…

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US Navy SEAL Facing Possible Hard Times For Porn Career (VIDEO)

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Chief Warrant Officer Joseph John Schmidt III, a US Navy SEAL with twenty-three years of service, is currently in dutch because of his second career. Mr. Schmidt moonlights as a porn star. Filmed often in conjunction with his wife, porn starlet Jewels Jade, Mr. Schmidt, 42, has appeared in at least 29 adult videos. What’s…

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What This Man Did To Motorcycle Seats Is Completely Disgusting (VIDEO)

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Trying to find a good motorcycle seat can be a hassle at times. Are you looking for a seat that physically compliments your new ride? Are you trying to get a seat that is comfortable for those long rides? One man in Thailand is infatuated with motorcycle seats so much that he’s decided to have…

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Single Mother Pushed Into Prostitution By Fortune Teller, Judge Rules

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The Japanese court sincerely believes in mind control. That’s why, back on January 18th, a judge in the Tokyo District court ordered a fortune teller to pay a fine worth ¥98 million. The unscrupulous fortune teller stood convicted of “coercing” a single mother from Saitama Prefecture into a life of prostitution. This bizarre case was…

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Armed Robber Get’s What Is Coming To Him (VIDEO)

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A hooded man barged into Lotions & Lace, a sex shop in San Bernardino, California recently. He was aggressive and requested all of the money from the register. Little did he know, he just brought a gun to a dildo fight. A fake gun, that is. Despite the shocking surveillance footage, the cashier, Amy, apparently…

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New Smart Condom To Be Released (VIDEO)

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apple sex app

That’s right, technology has reached a new level in the bedroom and I am not just talking about looking at Facebook in the middle of the night. The I.Con is being called the ‘Smart’ condom, but it is actually a reusable ring. A bit like a fitbit for your penis. The accompanying app means you…

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Man Sleeps With Over 1,000 Cars! (VIDEO)

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Meet Edward Smith, now 67, who is a proud mechaphile—meaning he is sexually attracted to machines. His is honored to admit his sexual endeavors have included mustangs and jaguars. One of his most prominent accomplishments, however, is when he made love to the helicopter used in the 1980s TV show Airwolf. It all started when…

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Funniest Tweets From #ThingsISayAfterSex

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There is a funny new hashtag on Twitter today, #ThingsISayAfterSex. Here are some of the best tweets from it: https://twitter.com/TheRealBobofe/status/835901129519161347 #ThingsISayAfterSex retweet to win iphone 4 — bobofe (@TheRealBobofe) February 26, 2017 #ThingsISayAfterSex no your dicks not small it's fun sized — Amanda (@faultinourbooty) February 23, 2017 #ThingsISayAfterSex "are you gonna bump up my grade…

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Paid Sex Work Takes A Whole New Meaning In This Swedish Town

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A politician in a small town in Sweden, Övertorneå, is toying with giving its workers paid sex breaks during the day. Per-Erik Muskos, a 42-year-old city councillor, says that sex is healthy, and he’s right. Having sex can have many health benefits. Logan Levkoff, Ph.D., a sexologist, said: “There’s a lot of positive health benefits [of an…

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The Mysterious Art Of Falling Panties

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It’s happened to all of us. You’re returning home from the grocery store for some celery, when out of nowhere a gust of wind blows up your skirt and causes your underwear to cascade to your ankles. Perhaps the worst part is the ogling men nearby who just stand there, admiring your underoos instead of…

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Leads To Sexually Based Incidents All Over London

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British author E. L. James has caused a massive firestorm with the release of Fifty Shades book series, which earned over $100 million in sales. The 2015 film adaptation Fifty Shades of Grey grossed $571 million worldwide and spawned the Oscar nominated song “Earned It” from The Weeknd. With the release of the film, BDSM has…

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The 5 Weirdest Sex Events You Had No Idea Existed (VIDEO)

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Thanks to the internet, we all know there’s a dizzying array of kinks and sexual subcultures in the world. Yet somehow, discovering the things people do to get their rocks off never ceases to astonish. From the charitable to the questionable, here are five of the world’s weirdest sex events — that we know of. 1. Masturbate-a-thons People do…

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Florida Husband Shoots Wife For Denying Him Sex

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Historically speaking, the wedding night is supposed to be the night when a couple “seals the deal.” Back when virginity before marriage was a prized virtue, the beauty of one’s wedding night was considered a great reward for years of chastity. Nowadays, the wedding night has lost a little of its uniqueness, but none of its…

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A Man In England Is Selling A ‘Second-Hand Body Condom’

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You can buy pretty much anything online. While a majority of people confine their purchases to mundane items like video games, clothes, or the occasional book, there are those consumers who seek more outre novelties. According to the Bristol Post in England, a man named Tom Rygol recently took to Facebook in order to advertise the sale…

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Pornhub Just Launched Its Own Sex Ed Site (VIDEO)

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Porn sites aren’t exactly known for their social justice work, but porn giant Pornhub is trying to change that by launching a brand-spanking-new sexual health website. The Pornhub Sexual Health Center will provide resources and education on sexual health topics ranging from STIs to top erotic positions for lesbians to trans* terminology. Prominent sex therapist Dr. Laurie…

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No Jogging, No Sex: Woman’s Rare Allergy Means Exertion Could Kill Her

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Imagine how horrible it would if the things you love could kill you. If you are into extreme sports, then you might the know feeling. However, for one woman in Colorado, mundane activities like jobbing, eating food, or even having sex with her husband could stop her heart for good. 34-year-old nurse Katy Van Nostrand…

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Nikon Said Americans Want to Take Pictures of WHAT?! (VIDEO)

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Let me start by saying, I love Nikon; not only are their cameras and lenses incredibly made, but they even designed my eye-glass lenses. I’m a Nikon fan. HOWEVER, Nikon recently released an… interesting… advertisement that could prove fairly awkward. Nikon’s 360 degree camera has been a big hit, enabling the online viewer to scroll the…

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This Weird New Tech Will Take Sexting In A Long Distance Relationship To A New Level

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Many of us have been in that situation. You are a plane ride away from your significant other, and you wish you could get it on. Up until now, the only option was phone sex. Now, if you are horny and have $600 to spare, you can take your long-distance lovemaking to the next level…

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Top 5 Aphrodisiacs You Might Not Have Heard Of

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Stop talking about oysters and chocolate already! These foods will really improve your sexual health. Jennifer R. Berman, MD, the director of the Berman Women’s Wellness Center, in Beverly Hills, Calif. said: “There’s a growing body of evidence that some of the vitamins and components in foods can enhance sexual function and sexual experience.” These…

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