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Would You Have Surgery To Look Like A Blow Up Doll? This Lady Did (VIDEO)

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Meet Cindy Moore. She is a 31 year old mother of two from Salford, in Manchester England and her dream was to look like a sex doll. Plastic surgery is making that dream come true. The catalyst for her extreme makeover was her break up with the father of her children, after she discovered he…

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Owners Set Up Social Media Accounts For Their Synthetic Humanoids And Its Bizarre! (VIDEO)

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It seems that realistic sex dolls have become a thing. Well that might not be that surprising, if they exist there is obviously a demand. A strange development has been that some of the owners of sex dolls have set up social media accounts on behalf of their dolls. You would think a lifeless doll…

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‘Frigid’ Setting Allows Life-Like Robotic Sex Doll To Simulate Rape

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There is a new sex robot with a “frigid” setting that allows men to simulate rape. It resists the man’s advances. The rape culture implications aside, this is a big ethical problem. Since the robot can’t consent, is that rape? When faced with this argument, the creators say: “Is it ethically dubious to force my…

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Discarded Sex Doll Sends Panic Through The Town (PHOTOS)

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What started as a normal day in Ken,t shortly ended up with people panicked and scared when Tom Maybury, 21 and some others saw the “body” floating in the water. As it turned out, it was not the body of a sexy looking woman, but a life-sized blow-up sex doll.   According to him: “Some people…

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Woman Makes Love To Doll And Tells Us About It

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Disclaimer: This is adult content. This is not appropriate for young readers. Sex columnist Karley Sciortino, 31, had a 20-minute session with Gabriel, a realistic-looking sex doll. She was testing him for a documentary on the dolls. The experiment was to see if women could have sex with a doll. Many people believe that only men can…

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