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5 Active Serial Killers That You Might Be Crossing Paths With

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Everytime we watch the news, it is impossible to finish it without hearing about a crime that was committed near you. Robberies, holdups, and even petty ones like vandalism are somewhat common and are usually forgotten the next day. When it comes to murder, though, every news leaves a mark on our mind, a mark…

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Journalist Falls For Serial Killer Of Prostitutes (VIDEO)

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Kendall Francois

Kendall Francois is a serial killer who murdered eight prostitutes in New York over several years. He was eventually caught and put in prison. There are many unusual aspects about his case, first of all very few serial killers are African American, they are predominantly white males. Secondly, he murdered prostitutes and hid them in his…

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Victim Count Now At 81 For Siberian Ex-Cop Serial Killer The ‘Werewolf’ (VIDEO)

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Mikhail Popkov of Siberia is already serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of 22 women. Shockingly, he has just confessed to a further 59 murders. Popkov began his killing spree when he was a policeman. He is called the ‘werewolf’ because of the way he tortured his victims, so far all female. He…

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