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The Simpsons Reviews Trump’s First 100 Days

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The Simpsons are going to do a review of Trump’s first 100 days this weekend. Check out the preview below. First off, the way they have President Donald Trump’s hair moving around his head is hilarious. They also have his trademark darker skin and white around the eyes. The episode begins with a storm brewing around…

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SATIRE DEBUNKED: The Tickling Bandit Of Texas

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People on social media are breathing a sigh of relief. More specifically, they’re unclenching their butts because a criminal is no longer on the loose. Not just any criminal, though. A butt hole tickler. In December of 2015, fake news site Not Allowed To posted a vague article claiming that a man in Texas had finally been captured.…

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SATIRE: The Secret Life Of The White House Appliances

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Reporting from a secret break room in the White House. The appliances anonymously sharing what they see every day. The White House appliances see many things. President Obama didn’t need to be spied on, but President Donald Trump is doing shady things. The White House break rooms see all. Kellyanne Conway told on the microwaves,…

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Satanic Turkeys Engage In Creepy Ritual With Dead Cat

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  No, I am not kidding. A large group of wild turkeys in Massachusetts were caught on video engaging in a bizarre ritual a few days ago. A man who lived on the street where the strange behavior took place observed it through his car window. Like any modern American, he grabbed his camera and started…

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SATIRE: Trump’s Interview For President

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We have found the long-lost transcript of Donald Trump’s interview for the position of President of the United States: Interviewer: So, Mr Trump, Why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself? Trump: Well, I’m the son of a really rich guy, and I’m very rich. I’m one of the richest people around; ask anyone. I…

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Riots Form Following Super Bowl Results

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On Monday, February 6, mobs of people gathered on Washington to protest the results of the Super Bowl from the previous night. While nearly 500,000 people showed up to march on Washington, an estimated 5 million joined the fight worldwide. To discover why the world erupted with such potent anger following the Super Bowl results,…

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This Just In: “Sustainable” Is Not A Sustainable Resource

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In the midst of our cultural understanding of climate change (the modern period beginning in 1988 with the establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the terminology has shifted quite a bit. Starting with the now negatively-associated term “global warming” shifting to the all-encompassing term “climate change,” countless words have increased in usage over…

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This Artist Does Amazing Things With Trump’s Idiotic Quotes

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Comic book artist Robert Sikoryak took some of Trump’s dumbest quotes and made some pretty epic comic book covers with them. Obligatory Walking Dead parody: Here is a Black Panther parody: He said this about them to The Huffington Post: “The idea occurred to me right before the election. Trump had said so many outrageous things during…

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