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The Toilets Are Coming! The Toilets Are Coming!

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We all know that life in Russia can be difficult. Vladimir Putin isn’t exactly warm and cuddly, and people live with a certain amount of fear about what he might do next. But few people would have predicted the attack of the runaway potties. A couple of days ago, Moscow was hit with a strong…

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Just In: Vladimir Putin Is Not a Woman

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Vladimir Putin always has a great day. Always. He is never, ever, off his game. You want to know how this is possible?  The Russian strongman has an answer. Speaking with legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone, Russia’s President made a statement that could have been taken right out of Donald Trump’s own mouth. The two men…

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As The Guilty Tally Rises In “Russiagate”, Trump’s Kids Could Get Ensnared In The Trap

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If you have no idea about the Trump-Russia scandals currently being investigated, then you have been living under a rock. At this point, it is speculated that 28 people within President Donald Trump’s administration, including the President himself, are being wholly and completely investigated for ties to Russia that tipped the election in Trump’s favor.…

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Fake News Plus Russians Equals Tsunami Nukes Off Of New York

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Apparently, the Russian government is learning about the dissemination of disinformation and “fake news” from the US government. In an “accidental” revelation by a Russian ex-colonel turned tabloid military commentator, we discovered that Russia had seeded the Atlantic with sneaky smart nukes that are strategically planted to cause tsunamis. Russian  Viktor Baranetz told the Russain paper Komsomolskaya…

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It Begins: Zombie Fox Attempts A Home Invasion (VIDEO)

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In some movies it begins with a plague outbreak. Others involve voodoo curses or the Book of Revelation. In real life, it may just start with one deranged fox in the Russian town of Usinsk. In a terrifying video, a clearly bloodied fox bites and claws at what appears to be a metal doorstop. Then, just…

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Russian Navy Tweets Photo Of Beautiful Tabby Cat…In Syrian Battle Zone

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  Since ancient times, cats have been common travelers on ships. The clever little animals are independent, able to feed themselves on the ship’s vermin, and are thought to bring good luck. Ships’ cats were helpful in controlling the rats and mice that often got into the food stores and brought disease to the sailors. And cats…

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Moscow Has A New Terminator (VIDEO)

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The 1987 film RoboCop imagined a futuristic Detroit wherein crime had gotten so bad that a law and order cyborg armed with a hand-held machine gun was built in order to make the streets safe again. In the film, which was panned by many professional movie reviewers as a paean to fascism, both the Detroit Police Department and…

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Get Ready, America. You’ll Be Paying Putin For Gas Soon

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  When candidate Donald Trump promised to make America great again and to bring back prosperity to the country, some people thought that sound just spiffy. The way Trump described the economy, prosperity sounded so simple. Make stuff in the US, buy that stuff, charge more for stuff that come from somewhere else. Easy peasy.…

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Frisky Russian Raccoon Develops A New Obsession (VIDEO)

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One zoo in Russia has a very unique problem. The Moscow Zoo claims that a raccoon named Thomas developed an unhealthy obsession with female breasts after taking part in a racy photoshoot. According to a spokesperson for the petting zoo, Thomas’ fetish came after he was “traumatized” by a commercial ad that featuring a topless…

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RNC Caught Hiding Payments To An Alleged Russian-Associated Firm (VIDEO)

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The Republican National Committee, RNC, has come clean after getting caught sending payments to a relatively unknown firm started by ex-CIA officer, Ben Wickham. Initially the RNC claimed that the firm was building security at it’s Capitol Hill headquarters but it turns out that is not true at all. Hamilton Trading Group, a firm with known…

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Russia Breaks Nuclear Treaty And Deploys Missiles – Trump Looks The Other Way (VIDEO)

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While the world in general, and the US in particular, are watching the unfolding investigation into Russian hackers and the US election Russia is quietly rearming itself with nuclear missiles in violation of a 30-year-old treaty while Trump does nothing for fear of upsetting Putin. In 1987 Russia and the United States signed the “Treaty…

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John McCain Explodes: Rand Paul ‘Is Now Working For Vladimir Putin’ (VIDEO)

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There has never been a question about where Senator John McCain and Senator Rand Paul’s relationship stands. It is probably on the equivalent scale of a couple going through a divorce and fighting over the custody of a child. Nasty jabs here, smart remarks there, nothing is really sacred between the two of them. The…

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Russian TV Will Air Real-Life ‘Hunger Games’ Show In July (Video)

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Winston Churchill once quipped that Russia is “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside of an enigma.” At times, to Western eyes, the Russian East seems like a place of great wonder and even greater malevolence. As evidence, look no further than the fact a Russian television show will soon bring the plot of The Hunger…

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‘Sex And The City’ Star, Sarah Jessica Parker, Get’s Political Russian Invite (VIDEO)

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Sarah Jessica Parker, best known for her staring role as Carrie on the HBO series Sex and the City, doesn’t have to feel left out of the Russian party anymore now that she has been extended an official invite. After it has been revealed that basically half of Trump’s regime have had prior meetings with…

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‘Hellmouth’ Crater In Siberia May Reveal 200,000 Years Of History (Video)

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Climate change in Siberia has potentially unveiled one of the great scientific findings of 2017. According to a study recently published in the Quaternary Research journal, the Batagaika crater in Russia, which is known for producing many ominous sounds due to massive thawing, may contain up to 200,000 years worth climate data. Dubbed the “Hellmouth”…

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Wait…Did Someone Hit Bush Over The Head With A Conscience? (VIDEO)

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There have been surprises on both sides of the political fence as the Trump regime gets into full swing. On one side we have some hard core democrat personalities cozying up to the thought of Trump as president, while on the reverse we have, now the second worst president in history, George W. Bush, speaking…

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Russian Artist Drugs And Tattoos His Hairless Cat

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Not too long ago, tattoos in Russia meant fear—fear of criminality, fear of the man or woman sporting those tattoos. For decades, tattoos were synonymous with prisons and underworld gangs in Russia. Nowadays, more and more Russians, criminal and non-criminal alike, have chosen to ink up their skin. Unfortunately, one Russian cat did not have a…

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BFFs Putin And Trump Troll Atomic Scientists (VIDEO)

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In 1947, the Doomsday Clock was created by fake-scientists to symbolize the Earth’s proximity to total destruction. The Bulletin of the Atomic Fake-Scientists oversees the hypothetical clock, adjusting its hands to directly correspond with how irresponsibly we govern our planet. Thursday, the clock moved thirty seconds closer to midnight, bringing us within two and a…

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Putin Proposes Absolute Smoking Ban (VIDEO)

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We all know smoking tobacco is not good for you, but Russian leader and health nut Vladimir Putin has decided he does not want anyone in his country to do it. He has put forward a plan to enforce a ban on anyone born after 2015 from smoking. The idea in action would mean cigarettes…

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Moscow Accuses US of ‘Amateurish’ Behavior Regarding Election Hacking (VIDEO)

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Russia has apparently decided that the election hacking scandal has gone beyond ridiculous. Moscow Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that Moscow has grown “tired” of what is “reminiscent of a witch hunt,” and that it sees US hacking intelligence allegations as “amateurish” in nature. He also told reporters that the intelligence report released…

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Cartoon Classic Anastasia Being Made Into Broadway Musical

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Some of you may not remember this movie, but there was a great cartoon version of the story of Anastasia in the late 1990s. The songs were catchy, the story was well-written, and the actors were phenomenal. Now, this underrated classic is being turned into a Broadway musical. The show’s website reads: “From the twilight of…

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John McCain Just Got All Kinds Of Sassy About Rex Tillerson (VIDEO)

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Oh  Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), letting your sass shine on through in these tough and trying times is what makes us like you just a little. We all know President-elect Trump made his Secretary of State decision and, instead of going with the front runner Rudy Giuliani because he felt he was too old, he…

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