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Georgia Parents Win Battle To Give Their Child This Name: ACLU Cheers

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  This story proves that nothing is ever as simple as it seems. A couple in Georgia gave birth last year to a baby girl. They gave her the name ZalyKha Graceful Lorraina. Unusual, intriguing and kind of cool.   But the couple, Elizabeth Handy and Bilal Walk, wanted to give her the surname “Allah.” While…

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White Supremacist Gets Schooled By Muslim Lawyer (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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White supremacists love to use the phrase ‘radical Islam,’ often taking to Twitter to vent out their racism. They also tend to forget about radical Christianity. Not to worry, though. One Muslim lawyer, who was tired of being trolled by these so-called Christians, decided to give them an education. It all started when Qasim Rashid…

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These Comic Books Were Turned Into A Religion

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We know that comic book movies are popular nowadays, but these comic books went on to form the most expensive and weirdest religion we know of. It is particularly popular among Hollywood elites because it costs a lot of money to join and to progress in the organization. L. Ron Hubbard was a very creative…

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Florida Man Says Jesus Wanted Him To Steal $7 Billion

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The ideology of Christians gaining wealth through Jesus has been a very touchy subject for decades now. Millionaire televangelists such as Joel Osteen, T. D. Jakes, and Pat Robertson have caused an uproar, with many believing they’re not being true to their relationship with Jesus. Two of the Ten Commandments stated are “Thou shalt not…

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Archaeologists Discover The 12th Cave Of The Dead Sea Scrolls (VIDEO)

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Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have revealed evidence that they have discovered the 12th cave that once held precious religious relics including parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Archaeologists scoured the deep corroding cave on the cliffs west of Qumran, near the southwestern shore of the Dead Sea, in search of precious scrolls…

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Hate Speech: Vice or Inalienable Right?

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Battle lines have been drawn. Already, activists, protesters, and free-thinking humanitarians across the world have vocalized their intention to RESIST the ill-founded and dangerous policies of President Dorrance Trump and the billionaires who bought his election. While it is undoubtedly important to defend against the threats presented by our newfound government, it is just as…

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