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KKK Apologist Now Responsible For Educating Georgian Kids

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Not only is racism still alive and well in our country, but our government has no problem with having racist educators. KKK Representative Tommy Benton (R-Georgia) is a retired teacher with some strong Southern pride. He’s not just proud about living below the Mason-Dixon Line, though. He doesn’t understand why people don’t like the Ku Klux Klan,…

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Texas Police Chief Investigated After Allegedly Calling Beauty Queen ‘Black Bitch’

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You know how driving students are taught to stay away from erratic drivers on the road? According to a recent incident in Texas, doing so will land you in jail. That is if you’re Black. Erratic Driver Carmen Ponder is Miss Black Texas U.S. Ambassador 2016. She’s also interning with the District Attorney’s Office in…

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Finally Revealed: True Story Of Albino Slaves Kidnapped From Cotton Fields (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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Circuses have a long, disturbing history of exploiting people and animals, including two albino slaves. Here’s their story. Albino Slaves George and Willie Muse were brothers from Truevine, Virginia. They spent their days working tobacco fields, often in the sweltering heat while covered in rags to protect their white skin. Since their mother Harriett was…

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How One Simple Haircut Showed Where Racism Comes From (VIDEO)

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Meet Jax Rosebush and Reddy Weldon, a pair of five-year-olds from Kentucky. They are best friends and like most five-year-olds, full of mischief. When Jax’s mom told him he needed a haircut he didn’t see a chore to be avoided he saw an opportunity. Jax asked his mom if his hair could be cut exactly like Reddys so…

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Shia Labeouf Finds A New Home For His Protest Art Exhibit (VIDEO)

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Actor and performance artist, Shia Labeouf created a protest art exhibit that was originally installed outside of the Museum of the Moving image in New York. The installation was entitled “He Will Not Divide Us,” and requested that those who shared the political sentiment stand chanting in front of the camera. The live stream was…

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Woman Arrested After Pointing Her Gun In McDonald’s And Yelling Racial Slurs (VIDEO)

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A Florida woman, Mary Ulman, was arrested after she began screaming racial slurs in a McDonald’s parking lot and then pointed her gun at customers inside the restaurant. Forty seven year old Charles Daniels was the initial target of Ulman’s anger when she began honking and yelling at him from her car. Daniels stated: “She…

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Black Baby Doll Found Hanging From Noose On Confederate Flag In Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

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Just when you think racist rednecks can’t get any more despicable, we find a news story like this. Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 has reported that in East Huntingdon Township, Pennsylvania, a black baby doll was seen hanging from a noose on a tree, with a Confederate Flag used as a background. A neighbor driving through,…

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