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You Won’t Believe What This Texan Did Because Her Nuggets Took Too Long (VIDEO)

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mcdonalds texas

We have all been there. You have a big hunger. You are so hungry you just cannot wait. So you reach for fast food – a solution for those who don’t want to cook and feel starving hungry. Then you get to the fast food joint, in this case it was McDonald’s. This Texan woman went…

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Texas Police Chief Investigated After Allegedly Calling Beauty Queen ‘Black Bitch’

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You know how driving students are taught to stay away from erratic drivers on the road? According to a recent incident in Texas, doing so will land you in jail. That is if you’re Black. Erratic Driver Carmen Ponder is Miss Black Texas U.S. Ambassador 2016. She’s also interning with the District Attorney’s Office in…

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Welcome To The Future: Dubai Is Building An Army Of Real-Life Robocops (VIDEO)

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robot cops

In scenes that look straight out of futuristic films, Dubai has developed a real life Robocop. In a crazy leap into the future, Dubai are looking to robots to fill a quarter of their police force  by the year 2030. Currently the robot is being used as security in a mall. The exciting technology is…

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All The Horror Of Domestic Abuse Captured In One Chilling Photo

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When most people who have never experienced it, think of domestic abuse they imagine a woman, physically beaten by a man. If they were asked to describe a picture of domestic abuse their description might be that of a dowdy, downtrodden looking, woman, make-up less with a black eye or a split lip. This is where most unaffected…

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One Man’s Cosplay Lands Him In Jail – The Joker Isn’t Laughing Now (VIDEO)

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On March 24th, The Joker was spotted in Winchester, Virginia. Citizens of the D.C.-area city were put on edge as the laughing sociopath walked the streets with a cape, mask, and sword. Fortunately, the Winchester Police Department apprehended the comic book villain all on their own. No Batman need apply. As it turned out, “The…

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Extra Charges Apply When You Get Your Pancakes To Go (VIDEO)

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  The police have a difficult job. Day after day, they put their lives and their safety on the line to protect the rest of us from violence, gang activity, drugs. They respond to accidents, to fires, to domestic disturbances. It’s easy to see that the job can become overwhelming.  It makes sense that police officers…

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6-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 On His Dad — For A Hilariously CRAZY Reason

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Kids are some of the most honest people out there. Six-year-old Robbie Richardson called the police when his dad ran a red light. His father, Michael Richardson, said this about it to CBS Boston: “He tells me, ‘Hey Dad, you just went through a red light. And I said, ‘No Robbie, you can go through…

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Police Handcuff 99 Year-Old Woman During Her Aresst

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A grandmother in Holland, known in reports only as Annie, was handcuffed before being taken to the cells and locked up in her local police station. Her crime? There wasn’t one, but she is not complaining. Grandma Annie has been working her way through her bucket list, and her family found out she had always…

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Florida Girl Helps Grieving Families Of Fallen Police Officers

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Florida teen Megan O’Grady, daughter of a police officer, started a beautiful organization, “Blue Line Bears,” to help the families of fallen officers. She takes their uniforms and makes teddy bears with them. She personalizes each bear with the officers’ badges and stripes. She presented the first batch this week. Johnny Brinson, who received the…

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Adorable Fifth Grader Asks Police Officers For Help With Math Homework (Video)

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A fifth grader in Marion, Ohio decided to seek help in a rather novel way. Tasked with tough math homework, 10-year-old Lena Draper decided to contact the Marion Police Department via Facebook. She kindly asked: I’m having trouble with my homework, could you help me? Most would not expect a response. However, Lena got several…

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Police Officer Arrives For 911 Call, Ends Up Busting A Move Instead (VIDEO)

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If you’re looking for the toughest competitions known to man, look no further than the dance off. Two individuals face each other to determine who’s the baddest on the block for moving their feet. Group battles are even more chaotic with multiple individuals looking to represent their area. Jarrod Singh from the Durham Regional Police…

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Cab Driver Blames Passenger Farts For Speeding Ticket

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Admittedly we have all tried various excuses and reasons to get out of that unwanted speeding ticket (this author included.) However, for one British taxi cab driver, the excuse he tried to use on the authorities truly stunk. It all happened last Friday when police in southern England pulled over the cab driver for speeding…

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MN Police Use Justin Bieber Super Bowl Ad To Reduce Drunk Driving (VIDEO)

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If you witnessed the New England Patriots defeat the Atlanta Falcons in one of the biggest comebacks ever at the Super Bowl, you probably saw the T-Mobile ad starring Justin Bieber. In the minute long commercial, the singer, who is apparently known as a celebration expert nowadays, goes through the history of football celebrations with…

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Police Repeatedly Called To Combat Mother Nature (VIDEO)

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Police have many matters to contend with daily, and their jobs are to protect and serve the community. Calls that are received by 911 dispatchers are taken seriously, especially if an emergency arises. Unfortunately, police stations are also bombarded with calls that are not emergencies and are not even within the scope of what police…

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Tased And Confused: Arizona Man Discovers Weed Still Illegal After Front Yard Arrest (VIDEO)

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Mugshot of Lon Victor Post

Nothing beats kicking back in the front yard, jamming out and enjoying an innocent toke — except when you forget that marijuana is still illegal in your state, and find yourself in the back of a squad car instead of high on cloud nine. That’s what happened to Lon Victor Post, 54, last Wednesday. The…

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A Brave Officer Went Above And Beyond To Save…A Frozen Mannequin (VIDEO)

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Early Friday morning the Hudson New York Police Department got a frantic call from a citizen who was concerned for, what appeared to be a woman frozen to death in a parked car. When the police arrived they walked up on a car, dusted with snow, sitting in temperatures well into the single digits with…

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Police Helicopter Investigates Screaming Woman, Turns Out It Wasn’t A Woman

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Animals can make some strange noises, and some can even sound eerily like humans. According to the Cornish Guardian, a police helicopter was dispatched to help a woman in trouble.

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