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SATIRE: The Secret Life Of The White House Appliances

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Reporting from a secret break room in the White House. The appliances anonymously sharing what they see every day. The White House appliances see many things. President Obama didn’t need to be spied on, but President Donald Trump is doing shady things. The White House break rooms see all. Kellyanne Conway told on the microwaves,…

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Trump’s Defense Behind ‘WireGate’ Claim Is Bizarre (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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Even after gold-star-suck-up Paul Ryan cited that no sort of wiretapping took place, President Trump continues to claim that Obama wiretapped him during some sort of campaign shenanigan moment. He even decided to bring the James Bonds into the picture, potentially setting aflame a very serious foreign policy “mishap.” But, the explanation he has for why…

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Manhattan Has No Chill When It Comes To President Obama Sightings (TWEET/VIDEO)

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After weeks of pictures of President Obama vacationing, in what seemed like a completely different planet then the scary one we have started to become accustomed to, #44 was spotted leaving a New York City Starbucks carrying a cup of coffee. You would think that New Yorkers would be used to star sightings living in…

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Conan’s Series Of Fake Trump Bugging Obama Is PERFECT (VIDEO)

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It seems that all of the comedians on mainstream television are jumping aboard the, “let’s make fun of Trump train,” and Conan O’Brien is no different. In fact, with so much attention being brought to Saturday Night Live, I have been waiting for O’Brien to really give it to Trump the best way he knows…

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Imagine If Obama Tweeted Like Trump – Daily Life Would Have Been A Little More Humorous

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I think at this point we have come to except that our President, Donald J. Trump, is more worried about his tweeting than he is foreign or domestic policy. His tweets make him look like a spoiled twelve year old child who probably should have parental controls installed. Now, if we look out the last…

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No One’s Hiding Their Feelings At Trump’s Inauguration

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Michelle Obama side-eye

No matter your political affiliation, there’s no denying that Trump’s inauguration was a strange affair. From the small crowd and half-hearted applause during his inaugural address, to the bizarre “Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration” concert whose biggest artists were Toby Keith, creator of inspiring songs like “Red Solo Cup,” and 3 Doors Down, who we all just…

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