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Man Tells Girlfriend Pasta Is ‘Ok,’ Hours Long Police Standoff Ensues

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Valentines day has come and went, and that includes the thousands of romantic Valentines day dinners that the holiday generates. However, if your significant other does not share the same culinary tastes as you, do not do what one New Hampshire woman did that ended up with her in the backseat of a police cruiser.…

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Terrified Of The Dentist? This New Drug Just Might Eliminate The Need (VIDEO)

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I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys a trip to the dentist. It’s a really common fear amongst people: a stranger delving into your mouth, tapping your teeth with metal utensils, injecting you with a horror-film-like needle and ripping your bones out of – arguably – the most useful thing you own. Of course, there…

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News Anchor Inadvertently Flashes Live TV Audience

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Italian Journalist Costanza Calabrese was presenting a late-night news bulletin when she accidentally showed a little too much skin. She was sitting at a glass desk, so I guess she didn’t realize we could all see through it. She was sitting there with her legs spread. When the camera panned out, we could see her…

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