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NASA Scientist Tries To Keep A Straight Face After This Question From GOP (VIDEO)

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NASA scientists do not know everything, but they know a lot. They are in fact rocket scientists and it turns out many congressmen are not. That is fine, as they don’t have to be. However, a question that was asked at a recent House of Representative hearing on Science, Space, and Technology’s Space Subcommittee displayed…

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Molto Bene! NASA Just Discovered A Space Ravioli (VIDEO)

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As surprising as it sounds, not everyone gets excited about science. For example, NASA recently discovered seven new planets that seem like they’d be hospitable to human life. Big whoop, right? Well, if that incredible announcement didn’t get your heart racing, how about this one? Fantastico! #Saturn’s moon #Pan resembles a space ravioli in these raw images…

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Is This NASA Footage Of Spaceship? (VIDEO)

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Amazing  footage has been recorded from the International Space Station (ISS) of what appears to be a huge spacecraft of some kind. There are members of the public who are monitoring the International Space Station footage searching for anything unusual. When they find something, we hear about it. The footage that has been uploaded to YouTube…

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Some Of The Best Twitter Reactions To NASA’s Planetary Discovery (TWEETS)

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If you haven’t heard by now that NASA has discovered seven new planets in a tight orbit in the Trappist-1 system about 39-light-years away than either you don’t have the internet, in which case this sentence is pointless, or you are not a big fan of anything other than YouTube. Either way, this discovery can…

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Is This An Alien Reptile Photographed On Mars? (VIDEO)

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In strange footage it has been noticed that a reptile-like alien may have been photographed on Mars. The footage shows a thorny like creature that appears to have horn like ears. YouTuber ArtAlienTV – Mars ZOO narrates a video discussing the curious discovery and he names it the “one inch alien”. In the video he analyzes…

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The Last Man To Walk On The Moon Has Passed Away (VIDEO)

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The last man to stand on the surface of the moon has passed away of unknown causes. In December of 1972 Gene Cernan, the commander of Apollo 17, had the distinguished honor to be the last man to stand on the moon. He was the 11th person to step foot on the cratered surface, his…

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