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NASA Scientist Tries To Keep A Straight Face After This Question From GOP (VIDEO)

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NASA scientists do not know everything, but they know a lot. They are in fact rocket scientists and it turns out many congressmen are not. That is fine, as they don’t have to be. However, a question that was asked at a recent House of Representative hearing on Science, Space, and Technology’s Space Subcommittee displayed…

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The Internet Is Going Nuts Over What The Mars Rover Might Have Found (VIDEO)

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A picture emerged that sent a Sci-fi loving section of the internet into a frenzy. The picture contains an image of something metallic-looking, and was taken on the planet Mars. Of course, this has many people claiming and hoping that it is indeed a photo of a UFO. It is round and shiny looking. The photo…

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Is This An Alien Reptile Photographed On Mars? (VIDEO)

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reptile alien

In strange footage it has been noticed that a reptile-like alien may have been photographed on Mars. The footage shows a thorny like creature that appears to have horn like ears. YouTuber ArtAlienTV – Mars ZOO narrates a video discussing the curious discovery and he names it the “one inch alien”. In the video he analyzes…

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