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Californian ‘Sisters Of The Valley’ Are The GREENEST Nuns You Will Ever Meet (VIDEO)

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There is an unusual commune of ‘Sisters’ on a farm in Merced, California. This is a place where marijuana is being farmed, processed, smoked, and used to produce various products. While these Sisters of the Valley look like traditional Catholic nuns, don’t be fooled by their headwear. They are actually an anti-religious group who follow pre-Christian…

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Look Out, Midol: The Green Ganja Could Be Taking Your Place (VIDEO)

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Menstrual cramps are more than just a slight discomfort. It’s a pain that radiates throughout your lower abdomen while you pop ibuprofen and clutch onto a heating pad, begging for it to stop. As it turns out, Midol might not be the answer. THC Long before people could buy pills, they used cannabis to ease…

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Forget Roses: This Marijuana Bouquet Is True Romance

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Listen, we all know that chocolates and roses are overrated and played out. Your significant other probably isn’t going to be upset about getting yet another box of truffles to devour, but wouldn’t you rather give something actually interesting and surprising rather than a gift that screams “I’m doing this totally out of obligation.” Valentine’s Day may…

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Snapchat Is The New Burner Phone

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For a second, selling drugs over Snapchat sounds like an ingenious idea. You snap a photo of your goods, send it to your prospective clients, and once they view it – poof – the evidence is gone. But if you think about it for about two seconds longer, you remember that Snapchat can be screenshot…

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Tased And Confused: Arizona Man Discovers Weed Still Illegal After Front Yard Arrest (VIDEO)

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Nothing beats kicking back in the front yard, jamming out and enjoying an innocent toke — except when you forget that marijuana is still illegal in your state, and find yourself in the back of a squad car instead of high on cloud nine. That’s what happened to Lon Victor Post, 54, last Wednesday. The…

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Marijuana Cleverly Hidden During Christmas Drug Raid – These People Were Genius

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A house in the town of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England caught police from Gloucestershire by surprise as they were raiding a house shared by a man and a woman. All throughout the house they saw drug equipment and paraphernalia, but what they didn’t expect was the “Christmas tree” of the house. Upon looking closely, the tree…

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High Jinks: Paranoid Weed Smugglers Ring Police And Beg To Be Arrested (VIDEO)

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People call the police for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they need help to get out of a urinal. Sometimes they are weed dealers who ring to report that they are smuggling drugs across state borders and wish to turn themselves in.

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