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The Day We All Became Dan Rather: A Look Into The Volatility Of The Trump Administration

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Last week, we all became Dan Rather when he posted his official and public statement of President Donald Trump’s actions: Rather quoted Trump himself in the statement that boasted of how a World War could begin simply based on Trump’s ignorant lies: “‘We are sending an armada, very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful, far…

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Trump Can Now Only Claim The Dead As Friends

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The Donald has lots of international good buddies; it’s just that the friends concerned often don’t know they are such a large part of the PROTUS’s life. Sometimes the friendship is so intense Donald doesn’t even realize his ‘friends’ have been dead for ten years. When President Business and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni held a…

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Netflix Is, Once Again, Tricking Kids World Wide On NYE (VIDEO)

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New Years Eve is one of those times of years that your age decides the level of commitment to the cause, and little kids are no exception. In your early childhood New Years Eve meant staying up until an hour that you weren’t even sure existed. Your teens meant grumpily watching the ball drop with…

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