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The Toilets Are Coming! The Toilets Are Coming!

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We all know that life in Russia can be difficult. Vladimir Putin isn’t exactly warm and cuddly, and people live with a certain amount of fear about what he might do next. But few people would have predicted the attack of the runaway potties. A couple of days ago, Moscow was hit with a strong…

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Say, What? Check These Crazy Translation Fails

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Many years ago, before the Soviet Union fell apart, I worked as an interpreter of Russian for a social service agency in Boston. I took people to the doctor, helped them to get housing, got them enrolled in classes. I was acutely aware of how easy it was to make a small mistake with huge…

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Your Grandchildren Are Definitely Going To Need These Products

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Now that the President of the United States has decided to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, it looks like things are really going to be heating up. In fact, it looks like things may be heating up so much that life as we know will essentially be over. Maybe not for us, but…

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Author Who Went Public About 1-Inch Manhood Writes Coping Manual For Fellow Tiny Guys

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“Micropenis” is a medically-documented term that denotes when a man has an unusually small penis. Ant Smith, who went public about his condition with his poem Shorty, has now come out with a book entitled The Small Penis Bible, it’s goal is denoted perfectly within the title: this book was created under the deep desire for Smith to…

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Would You Like A Rat With Your Mocha Latte?

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  Some business ideas are unique and quirky. Some are just plain bizarre. The idea of opening a coffee shop combined with a cat rescue is kind of cute and fun. One such cat cafe opened a few years ago in Oakland, California and has been an enormous success. The owners had the idea of opening a…

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Take A Dump Like A Trump On One Of These Golden Toilets

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When a series of golden toilets have begun popping up around Indianapolis and Muncie, Indiana nobody was entirely sure what exactly was going on. It was clearly political, each toilet and “Take a Trump!” written on its tanks but who had created and placed the toilets and why was a mystery. Under the lid of each toilet…

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New Mystery: What Held Trump On Air Force One For 40 Minutes After Landing?

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  As usual, President Donald Trump spent this past weekend away from the White House. As usual, he and his entourage spent their time (and our money) at a Trump property. This time Trump was at one of his golf resorts in New Jersey. The press pool reported that Air Force One got back to Washington…

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If You’ve Eaten This Candy, You Know What Gunpowder Tastes Like

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Smarties. The pastel candy pellets that taste like someone dumped too much sugar into the Tums machine. Kids love them, parents eat them when there are no other desserts in the house, and idiotic teenagers snort them to show how hardcore they are before their grandmothers pick them up from school. Every single day, more than…

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INTERNET GOLD — This Is Why Moms Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Text

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Imagine this: you are lounging back in your favorite chair with your pajama pants pulled up above that pooch you don’t want to acknowledge exists as you zone out to your favorite show. Suddenly, your phone vibrates. You sigh deeply, not wanting to outside world to exist in the middle of your worst workweek ever,…

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The Moment Everyone Wants To Throw Their Computer Out A Window

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Couples on social media. Everyone has them: those nauseating people on Facebook that make you thankful for the “unfollow” button. People who are growing up in an era where the word “private” is being replaced with the word “crunk” and the concept of conversation is being replaced with the concept of sexting. Our culture is…

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Can YOU Guess Who Said It!?

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Let’s play a little game. We’ll call it Versus. The rules are simple: we pit the two craziest people alive against one another in an all-out Twitter comparison to see if you can choose which bottle of crazy the statement belongs in. The rules are simple: read the tweet, then choose which person you believe…

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7 Times Obama Was Smooth AF

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1. Brushing That Dirt Off His Shoulder 2. That Fist Bump, Though 3. Rockin’ The Aviators 4. Dancing on Ellen 5. Making This Shot 6. Using A Selfie Stick 7. Dancing The Tango   Obama was a great president! Featured image via Twitter.

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Woman Takes An Unbelievable Selfie At The Exact Moment THIS Happened

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The selfie can be dangerous. There are numerous articles on the internet about teens and twentysomethings getting into trouble thanks to their desire to promote their virtual vanity. One woman in Santa Barbara, California learned the hard way that a selfie does not make you immune to Mother Nature. A 20-year-old Twitter user named @youngweonhi…

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Extra Charges Apply When You Get Your Pancakes To Go (VIDEO)

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  The police have a difficult job. Day after day, they put their lives and their safety on the line to protect the rest of us from violence, gang activity, drugs. They respond to accidents, to fires, to domestic disturbances. It’s easy to see that the job can become overwhelming.  It makes sense that police officers…

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Gwyneth Paltrow Has An Odd Way Of Deciding What’s On The Menu (VIDEO)

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  When I was a kid growing up in the Boston area, the only people who ever ate octopus were Sicilians like my own family, who ate the seven fishes on Christmas eve. Yum. My Grampa made it steamed and served it with olives and capers. Now almost everyone has tried the seafood delicacy. It’s…

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This New Perfume Will Make You Irresistible…To Your Hound Dog (VIDEO)

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  We all have those special smells that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Freshly baked bread. Cinnamon and apples. The smell of a baby. Or that special, warm smell of a beloved pet. Maybe you can close your eyes and remember the smell of your old dog when you’d kiss him on the top…

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Molto Bene! NASA Just Discovered A Space Ravioli (VIDEO)

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As surprising as it sounds, not everyone gets excited about science. For example, NASA recently discovered seven new planets that seem like they’d be hospitable to human life. Big whoop, right? Well, if that incredible announcement didn’t get your heart racing, how about this one? Fantastico! #Saturn’s moon #Pan resembles a space ravioli in these raw images…

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The Time That Google Hired A Camel (VIDEO)

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Google is known around the world for its technological innovation. Google has redefined internet searches, given us a new, high speed browser (Chrome), and created those creepy, all powerful Google Glass things. But sometimes even the most high-tech companies can be stumped as they try to solve the next big tech problem. A couple of…

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Satanic Turkeys Engage In Creepy Ritual With Dead Cat

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  No, I am not kidding. A large group of wild turkeys in Massachusetts were caught on video engaging in a bizarre ritual a few days ago. A man who lived on the street where the strange behavior took place observed it through his car window. Like any modern American, he grabbed his camera and started…

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NOW You Can Take A Self-Defense Class To Prepare You For A Trump Handshake (VIDEO)

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You’ve probably seen the cringe-worthy videos of President Donald Trump shaking the hands of other powerful men, from heads of state to Vice President Mike Pence. In almost every case, the President pulls the other man’s hand with a strong jerking motion. It looks like he’s trying to either drag the guy in for a…

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Must See: #AlternativeFacts Used In This Fabulous Antiperspirant Ad (VIDEO)

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Not everyone believes that the whole world is laughing at us two weeks into the administration of Steve Bannon and Donald Trump. But if you need any proof that at least our British friends find us hilarious, this ad should do it. Dove, the company that makes that delightful soap, has decided to make use of…

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This Irishman’s Obituary Is Hilarious But Touches The Core Of What Love Is

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When your father dies it can be so heart wrenching that writing an obituary is nearly impossible. The feelings of loss outweigh the ability to put into words just how much someone will be missed. For Chris Connors, this task absolutely needed to be light hearted and, most importantly, funny. And funny is exactly what…

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