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KKK Apologist Now Responsible For Educating Georgian Kids

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Not only is racism still alive and well in our country, but our government has no problem with having racist educators. KKK Representative Tommy Benton (R-Georgia) is a retired teacher with some strong Southern pride. He’s not just proud about living below the Mason-Dixon Line, though. He doesn’t understand why people don’t like the Ku Klux Klan,…

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2 Teachers Fired After Awarding ADHD 8th Grader ‘Most Likely Not To Pay Attention’ Award

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In a world where bullying is a topic that spawns marches and jettisons public-speaking careers, the infamous concept that has created multiple programs in schools is getting another look today. Mainly because the bullying came from the teacher’s themselves. When our children go to school, we assume there is someone looking out for their best…

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Georgia’s Death Row Guy Channels Cool Hand Luke In Last Words: ‘You Can Kiss My White Trash A** (VIDEO)

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One of Paul Newman’s most notable movies was Cool Hand Luke, a 1967 prison drama. He played Luke, an inmate who wouldn’t conform to life behind bars. So it shouldn’t be that surprising that an inmate recited lines from it while being executed. J.W. Ledford, Jr. was executed last Wednesday at 1:17 am in Georgia. He originally…

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Georgia Parents Win Battle To Give Their Child This Name: ACLU Cheers

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  This story proves that nothing is ever as simple as it seems. A couple in Georgia gave birth last year to a baby girl. They gave her the name ZalyKha Graceful Lorraina. Unusual, intriguing and kind of cool.   But the couple, Elizabeth Handy and Bilal Walk, wanted to give her the surname “Allah.” While…

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Racist Georgia Couple Sentenced For Drunken Terrorist Rampage (VIDEO)

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A pair of Georgia racists have come to the harsh realization that sometimes actions do have consequences. On Monday, a judge in Georgia sentenced Kayla Norton, 25, and Jose “Joe” Torres, 26, to six years and 13 years in prison, respectively, for terrorizing an 8-year-old’s birthday party in 2015. Norton and Torres, who have three…

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Three Sets Of ‘Two-Year Twins’ Born On New Year’s Eve

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On New Year’s Eve, there were several sets of children born late that night. These twins have something unique about them. One of them was born before midnight, and the other was born after. These babies are twins with different birth years. San Diego, California San Diego has had two sets of “two-year twins” born…

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