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Will Dumbledore Be Gay In The Sequel To Fantastic Beasts? (VIDEO)

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Some characters have been revealed for the upcoming Warner Brothers film Fantastic Beats 2 causing great speculation. It has already been announced that Jude Law will be playing the loved wizard “Dumbledore,” as a young man in the film. Confusingly, this movie is both a sequel to Fantastic Beasts and a prequel to the Harry…

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‘Dynasty’ Reboot To Feature A Raunchy Gay Storyline (VIDEO)

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It has been a long time between drinks for the Carringtons of the hit show Dynasty, and to many people’s delight, the show is back. The reboot of the highly popular show of the 1980’s is about to hit screens, this time with a few differences. The show ran from 1981-89, basically the whole decade and really…

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It’s The First Time This Ever Happened At A World Leaders Summit

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Sometimes it is the little moments that turn out to be huge. One such moment occurred on Thursday at the NATO summit in Brussels. As is traditional, the spouses of the world leaders in attendance gathered for a group photo. Nothing new there. What was wonderful is that without pomp or fanfare Luxembourg’s ‘first gentleman’ Gauthier…

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Is Liza Minnelli In Love With Another Gay Man? (VIDEO)

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Arrested development

Liza Minnelli has been in love several times in her 71 years. It has now been reported that she has left her home town of New York to be with piano player Michael Feinstein in LA. Feinstein is not only an entertainer, he is also gay and married to long-time partner Terrence Flannery. This is…

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Alabama Cinema Bans Beauty And The Beast Because Of Gay Scene (VIDEO)

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A drive-in cinema in Alabama is in the spotlight for a crazy reason. The Henagar Drive-in posted a message on Facebook (which has now been removed) explaining that they would not be showing the upcoming Disney release Beauty and the Beast. In the Facebook statement the cinema wrote: It is with great sorrow that I have…

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Disney’s Live Action Beauty And The Beast Is Busting Stigmas With First Gay Scene (VIDEO)

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Disney movies, known for being family friendly with very little purposeful political undertone has decided it’s time to show the world that being gay is just as normal as anything else. In the new live action Beauty and the Beast coming out this month, Gaston’s sidekick and “manservant,” LeFou,  has the very first gay scene…

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These WWII Letters Talk Of A Forbidden Love So Moving It Is Heart Wrenching (VIDEO)

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A romantic story in the form of hundreds of love letters has emerged from the historical era of World War II. The letters were sent between Gordon Bowsher and Gilbert Bradley. Gordon was a gunner training in Shropshire, England. Gordon was part of the infantry. Their love affair was only discovered in 2008 when the letters…

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Kristen Stewart Takes An AWESOME Jab At Trump

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Everybody knows that, due to Saturday Night Live’s constant hilarious presidential skits, President Trump can’t help but watch every time the show debuts. Kristen Stewart, this past Saturday’s SNL host knew that very fact and made sure to send a message to him. Stewart started the show by talking about the Twilight series and how…

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