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Small Town French Cafe Wins And Then Loses Michelin Star (VIDEO)

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The well-known and prestigious Michelin restaurant guide made a huge mistake by accidentally awarding a small cheap cafe in France one Michelin star. The Michelin star is something that chefs work their whole lives to obtain and often restaurants can lose the chance for one small mistake such as spotted silverware or a piece of…

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New French Law Makes Everyone An Organ Donor (VIDEO)

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At the beginning of the year France joined Spain, Wales, and Austria by changing their organ donor laws. Where in the past French citizens had to elect to be an organ donor, now they are automatically assumed to be donors. This is unless they register on a National refusal registry list requesting they do not donate their organs.…

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French Man Is Currently Suing Uber For Exposing His Infidelity

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A citizen of the French Fifth Republic is currently suing the ride-sharing app Uber over a supposed technical malfunction. According to UPI, an unnamed resident of the French Riviera is seeking to win a whopping $47 million from the American company. The reason for this lawsuit? The man claims that the Uber app disclosed his infidelity to…

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Cannibal Hamsters Are Roaming The Corn Fields Of France

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You may have fond memories of your childhood friend Hammy the Hamster, but researchers in France have identified populations of these furry little rodents that will haunt your nightmares. While studying the effect of diet on reproduction, the scientists discovered babies born to mother hamsters living exclusively on corn only had a 5 percent chance…

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