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WATCH: Couple Filmed Joining Mile High Club In Hot Water: They’re Both In Relationships

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Alcohol can drastically lower a person’s inhibitions, causing them to do things they’d normally shy away from. For example, canoodling in a public space while surrounded by other people. According to this woman’s friends, alcohol is to blame for her getting a little too physical with a fellow airplane passenger as others watched. Tracy Bolton and…

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British Team Accidentally Discovers This Historical Treasure (VIDEO)

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In 2015, the Garden Museum of London closed for 18 months in order to undergo some serious refurbishing. Workers expected nothing out of the ordinary. However, something rather unusual did happen. Builders working in the medieval St. Mary’s Church of Lambeth Palace discovered a secret compartment underneath the church’s flagstones. In the hidden crypt was found thirty…

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The Show Will NOT Go On – At Least Not Without An Exorcism (VIDEO)

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Actors can be a rather picky lot. The usual assortment of divas, prima donnas, and arrogant self-aggrandizers tend to be a drag on almost every production. However, actors at the Old Granada Studios in Manchester, England have continually cut short their rehearsals for a very odd reason–ghosts. According to many thespians and technicians at the…

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British Scientist Blames House Explosion On This Animal (Video)

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Whenever a home goes up in flames, investigators usually sift through the evidence in order to uncover whether arson or mechanical failures were to blame. One year-long case in England is problematizing this standard approach. In Haxby, York, the body of a 63-year-old man named Paul Wilmott was discovered three meters from his house underneath dirt…

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Inebriated Scotsman Fondles A Cement Mixer Thinking It’s A Woman

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Anyone who has ever imbibed too much alcohol or smoked something they shouldn’t have knows what shame feels like. Certain substances lower inhibitions, thus opening the floodgates for otherwise embarrassing behavior. One Scotsman found this fact out while being documented for posterity. In a YouTube video called “Crackhead tries to feel up cement mixer thinking…

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A Pint Of Beer Randomly Explodes In Pub Goer’s Face (Video)

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The Exploding Pint Glass sounds like an excellent name for a British pub. However, for one unlucky “punter” (British slang for a customer), his pint of Carling lager literally exploded without cause. According to Dave McGinnis, the landlord and proprietor of The Derby Arms pub in Knowsley, Merseyside, he did not immediately believe the customer’s…

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Patrick Stewart Making Big Moves To Fight Trump

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The awesome actor, Sir Patrick Stewart, is applying for American citizenship. The topic came up during an interview on The View because they were talking about a tweet Stewart posted while in Washington, D.C. Had the worst sleep of my life last night. But I was sleeping less than 300 yds from where Donald Trump sleeps.…

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World’s Biggest Spam Fan Gets Married In The Spam Museum

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“Fan” is short for fanatic. Fanatics are people who are thoroughly committed to an idea, an entity, or a cause. One British citizen is a die-hard Spam fanatic. In order to show how much he loves the processed and canned meat, he legally changed his name to Mark “I Love Spam” Benson. Spam, a square-shaped…

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Former Homeless Woman In England Lived In A Public Toilet For A Year (Video)

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The homeless are often an invisible race. We pass by them on the street and look away. We hear the rattle of change in their cups, and we hear their plaintive cries for money, but most of us look distracted and keep walking. Such cynicism is not without justification. There are those who just want…

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Black Sabbath Gave Their Final Performance In England

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This is a sad day in rock music history. Black Sabbath performed their last concert in Birmingham, England on Saturday night. The band, formed in 1968, turned 49 this year and this is their final tour. They played almost two hours of their biggest hits from the 1960s and 1970s. There were plenty of pyrotechnics,…

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UK Burglars Stop Heist Because Of A 6ft-Tall Mannequin (VIDEO)

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Sometimes safety and security comes from strange places. We’ve all invariably seen those “Beware of Dog” signs. Often, there isn’t a single dog for miles. However, the point is that those “Beware of Dog” signs deter people because of the idea that a vicious attack dog might be on the premises. It’s the same as the tower…

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Wondering What 2017 Has In Store? Ask The Asparagus (VIDEO)

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Has 2016 left you feeling nervous about the new year? Not sure what 2017 may hold for you, the nation, or the fate of the universe? Fear not, because the Asparamancer has the answers you crave. Jemima Packington, better known as the Asparamancer, has just released her predictions for 2017, all based on asparagus. Yes,…

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Weird Experiment Takes Pie To New Heights (VIDEO)

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A team of space enthusiasts launched a pie, a meat pie to be exact, into space via a weather balloon to see if the pie’s molecular structure would change from the trip. The video below shows as the pie leaves the ground, travels over 100,000 feet into the air, and then comes back down to…

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Grocery Shopper Claims He Injured Knee In Fight For Discounted Deli Meat

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A London man claims he tore a ligament after being crushed against a refrigerator in a fight for discounted deli meat.

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