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Drunk Driving

MN Police Use Justin Bieber Super Bowl Ad To Reduce Drunk Driving (VIDEO)

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If you witnessed the New England Patriots defeat the Atlanta Falcons in one of the biggest comebacks ever at the Super Bowl, you probably saw the T-Mobile ad starring Justin Bieber. In the minute long commercial, the singer, who is apparently known as a celebration expert nowadays, goes through the history of football celebrations with…

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This Tostitos Bag Can Detect Alcohol On Your Breath (VIDEO)

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The Super Bowl with the New England Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons will happen on┬áSunday, February 5, 2017. Most sports fans are gearing up to either attend the official Super Bowl or have parties of their own. For those planning on having Tostitos as one of their snacks, be prepared because these bags can detect…

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Canadian Police Are Some Really Sick B**tards

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At the Canadian Police Station in Kensington, the officers there have a little different idea of what to do with drunk drivers than other places, and the punishment sound cruel and unusual. The Police Department in this small town on Prince Edward Island absolutely do not want you to have anything to drink and drive…

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