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Honey Bees Are MUCH Smarter Than You Think! (VIDEO)

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Honey bees are known to be natural scavengers and calculated gatherers. They are vital pollinators that many species rely on globally. Many of us, however, view these insects as somewhat mindless, drawn by their senses and instinct alone. This, of course, is far from the truth. Not only do honey bees live in a rigidly…

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Over 100 People Avoid Paying For Food With This Amazing Dance Move (VIDEO)

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It’s hard to find a great meal that hits the spot. When you do find that scrumptious dish, it’s common knowledge to tip your waiter and pay for your meal. A huge number of people forgot to do that, and they’re in serious trouble with the law. In Spain, more than 100 people decided to…

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Police Officer Arrives For 911 Call, Ends Up Busting A Move Instead (VIDEO)

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If you’re looking for the toughest competitions known to man, look no further than the dance off. Two individuals face each other to determine who’s the baddest on the block for moving their feet. Group battles are even more chaotic with multiple individuals looking to represent their area. Jarrod Singh from the Durham Regional Police…

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Realistic Woman Robot Shocked, And Tricked, Onlookers At Tech Convention (VIDEO)

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Every January, a CES Convention is conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this year’s convention, YouTuber, Karen Cheng, pranked the tech experts who were attending into believing that she was an actual robot. If you go over to Karen’s YouTube channel, she was the girl who taught herself how to dance in one year, just by practicing…

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My Fellow Millennials! This Video Will Hit You Right In The Childhood!

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Someone (with a lot of time on their hands) made a supercut of dancing scenes from 86 movies from the 1990s. Those of us who grew up in the decade will recognize many of these great films. This supercut has the moments cut together to the song “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim. The man behind…

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