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Merkel’s Husband Wants To Educate Ivanka And Melania On Climate Change (VIDEO)

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If you are concerned about President Donald Trump’s climate policies, you are not alone. The husband of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is too. As a result, he has invited Trump’s wife and First Lady, Melania Trump, and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to visit a German climate change center while in Hamburg for the G20…

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Your Grandchildren Are Definitely Going To Need These Products

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Now that the President of the United States has decided to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, it looks like things are really going to be heating up. In fact, it looks like things may be heating up so much that life as we know will essentially be over. Maybe not for us, but…

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Feeling ‘Hot Under The Collar’? It’s Not Your Imagination

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  President Donald Trump seems to be intent upon rolling back or undoing every single thing that was accomplished during the Obama years, no matter the consequences. He seems to have a particular desire to reverse any advancements made toward slowing down global warming. His proposed budget would cut funding to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…

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Climate Change Creates Natural Explosives In Siberia (VIDEO)

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The Yamal Peninsula of Siberia is a desolate wasteland, frozen solid and mostly still from life itself. The region, coated in a thick layer of permafrost, has been dubbed the “Sleeping Land” because of its unmoving nature. The ice is so thick, in fact, the whole area has been characterized by this inhabitable nature. However,…

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D’oh! Alaska Says They Need Drill To Pay For Action On Climate Change (VIDEO)

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Governor of Alaska, Bill Walker has addressed the need to pay for climate change in quite an odd way. He has said to raise money for addressing environmental issues such as relocation policies they need to drill for fossil fuels. Alaska has been impacted by coastal erosion and a drop in oil prices. Relocation of some towns are…

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BFFs Putin And Trump Troll Atomic Scientists (VIDEO)

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In 1947, the Doomsday Clock was created by fake-scientists to symbolize the Earth’s proximity to total destruction. The Bulletin of the Atomic Fake-Scientists oversees the hypothetical clock, adjusting its hands to directly correspond with how irresponsibly we govern our planet. Thursday, the clock moved thirty seconds closer to midnight, bringing us within two and a…

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This Just In: “Sustainable” Is Not A Sustainable Resource

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In the midst of our cultural understanding of climate change (the modern period beginning in 1988 with the establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the terminology has shifted quite a bit. Starting with the now negatively-associated term “global warming” shifting to the all-encompassing term “climate change,” countless words have increased in usage over…

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Your Future Christmas Dinner Might Come From A Petri Dish

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A new study has pushed some very interesting predictions about what our Christmas dinner might look like in the year 2050. In the latest issue of E&T magazine, editor Dickon Ross takes a discusses these changes and the reasons behind them. Ross states: ” Traditionalists need not fear as new technology will mean that we can…

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