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Apparently Eight Feet Of Chicken Poop Can Cause A Massive Fire

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So, unknown to me, there is actually a limit to how high you should be piling your chicken poop when stocking up for the growing season. Six to seven feet is pretty safe but once you start reaching eight and nine, that poop becomes a fire waiting to happen.   Sadly, a farming family in…

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Teenage Girl Outwits A Criminal… With Chicken Nuggets

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A 13-year-old girl was eating her chicken nuggets at McDonald’s in Harlem, New York City. A 12-year-old classmate had asked her for one, and she said no. He followed her to the subway station, pulled out a gun, and told her to give him one. She still said no. She refused to give a boy…

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Here Is The Best Animal Video You’ll See Today

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This one-year-old horse, Kruzah, loves playing with his squeaky toys. He will even play fetch with them as well. His owner, Debbie Barber, has posted videos of this fun-loving horse. Here he is playing with his squeaky chicken. Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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This MD Musician Literally Rocks Out With Their Cock Out (VIDEO)

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A brood of chickens, known as the “Flockstars,” can be seen jamming out on a regular basis with their tiny instruments and mighty musical talents. Shannon Myers of Germantown, Maryland is the co-owner of the coop and came up with the concept of a rocking chicken band about nine months ago. Myers stated: “They naturally…

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You Too Could Live In A House That Smells Like Chicken

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Every year I light that one special candle that brings back memories of decorating Christmas trees baking cookies and waiting for Santa but I never imagined a candle that could bring back so much more. How could you ask for anything better than a candle specially made by the chicken masters themselves, Kentucky Fried Chicken?…

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