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Skittles Ditches The Rainbow For An AWESOME Reason!

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Skittles is releasing limited edition white candy with a white bag in honor of Pride month. They are giving the LGBT their rainbow to commemorate this month. These bags are being sold at Tesco stores in the UK and on Amazon as well. Some people are using the pride bag to accuse Skittles of racism.…

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If You’ve Eaten This Candy, You Know What Gunpowder Tastes Like

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Smarties. The pastel candy pellets that taste like someone dumped too much sugar into the Tums machine. Kids love them, parents eat them when there are no other desserts in the house, and idiotic teenagers snort them to show how hardcore they are before their grandmothers pick them up from school. Every single day, more than…

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Sugar High Squirrels Raid Candy Aisle At Convenience Store (VIDEO)

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Convenience stores can be a great place to grab a snack, the morning paper, or even a hearty cup of coffee. However, for one convenience store owner in Toronto, a group of squirrels have developed a very costly sweet tooth. This is according to Paul Kim owner of Lukes’s Grocery store, who claims that the tiny bandits…

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