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This World Leader Built a Pillow Fort In His Official Office

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The CBC, Canadas national broadcasting corporation, ran a competition for the countries children. The prize was to be Prime Minister for the day and entrants had to write about what they would do if they were Prime Minister. The winner, five-year-old Bella, wrote: “As Prime Minster, I would make sure everyone has homes and everyone…

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Trump Too Scared To Upset China And Mexico So He Turns On Big Bad Canada

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During his campaign President Business repeatedly promised to build a wall, call out China for currency manipulation and “get tough on trade.” Here we are post 100 days and China is, miraculously, no longer a currency manipulator according to Trump, so he claims he no longer needs to do anything. The famed border wall is crawling…

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‘Two Moms’ Doesn’t Always Mean What You Think (VIDEO)

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  They say that families come in many forms. There are traditional nuclear families and step families. Some families have one parent. The courts and society have come to accept families with biological children and families with adopted children. In the past few years, we have made tremendous progress in accepting families with parents of…

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Suck It, Young Earthers – The World’s Oldest Fossils Have Been Found

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A group of scientists in Canada have discovered the remains of some microorganisms. If they are biological, then they will be the oldest microfossils we have ever found at 3.77 billion years old. Matthew Dodd, a researcher at UCL Earth Sciences and the London Center for Nanotechnology and one of the report’s authors, said this…

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This Animation Captures The Essence Of A Trump Handshake PERFECTLY (VIDEO)

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There are just so many weird things that President Trump does on a regular basis but his handshake wasn’t something we thought would be an issue. Being a lifelong businessman you would think that Trump’s handshake would be absolutely perfect…we were wrong. After Trump gave Japanese Prime Minister Abe the weirdest handshake we have ever…

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Police Officer Arrives For 911 Call, Ends Up Busting A Move Instead (VIDEO)

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If you’re looking for the toughest competitions known to man, look no further than the dance off. Two individuals face each other to determine who’s the baddest on the block for moving their feet. Group battles are even more chaotic with multiple individuals looking to represent their area. Jarrod Singh from the Durham Regional Police…

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Canadian Mint Worker Sentenced For Butt-Smuggling Gold… Yep (VIDEO)

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Leston Lawrence, a Royal Canadian Mint employee for 7 years, has been sentenced to 30 months in prison and ordered to pay a $145,900 fine for smuggling gold from the mint via his anus. In other words, the guy stole a shit ton of gold. That’s right. Leston Lawrence has the Midas butt. The golden “pucks” were roughly…

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The Next Keystone XL Protest Is Going To Be BIG (VIDEO)

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From Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha to King’s marches in Montgomery, Selma, and Washington, D.C., the most influential protests in our history are witnessed by massive movements of individuals, arm in arm and step by step, sharing the “truth-force” and “soul-force” of nonviolent dynamic change. The summer of 2017 could see yet another pilgrimage for progress, this time…

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Canadian Police Are Some Really Sick B**tards

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At the Canadian Police Station in Kensington, the officers there have a little different idea of what to do with drunk drivers than other places, and the punishment sound cruel and unusual. The Police Department in this small town on Prince Edward Island absolutely do not want you to have anything to drink and drive…

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