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December 30 Is National Bacon Day

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Yes! We are glad 2016 is almost over, but there is one other thing we can celebrate today: National Bacon Day! Happy #NationalBaconDay! pic.twitter.com/5AwH59BMhE — Good Morning America (@GMA) December 30, 2016 Facts About Bacon It is cured, smoked pieces of pork, but different countries use different parts of the pig. We use the belly…

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Virginia Man Charged With Trespassing Carrying ‘Suspicious Bacon’

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A Virginia man got caught trespassing on his neighbor’s property with a gun, a mask, and “suspicious bacon.” When police finally talked to the suspect, Evan Patrick Cater, they smelled alcohol on his breath. When they asked what he was doing, he claimed he was just relaxing, according to FoxNews. It is interesting to note…

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