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TRAGEDY: Zimbabwean Mother Gave Birth To What? (VIDEO)

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shocking frog baby

In truly bizarre news out of Africa, a Zimbabwean woman has been said to have given birth to a non-human creature. The villager claims she was expecting to give birth to a regular baby. When she went into labor, instead, she discovered she had given birth to a frog-like baby. The child did not survive. This happened in…

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Babies Named After Donald Trump (Yes, You Read That Correctly)

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Trump Hassan Jamil Hassan Jamil of Irbil, Iraq is a huge fan of our president, Donald Trump. He was glued to his television screen during the campaign, and he raved about Trump’s “beautiful hair.” He doesn’t speak English, but he says he understood everything he needed to from Trump’s delivery and cadence. On the night…

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Man Celebrates Baby Announcement With Exploding Target, Could Face One Year In Jail (VIDEO)

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As an adult, there’s nothing more exciting than finding out that you’re bringing a new baby into the family. Whether it’s your first or fifth one, it’s always a time to celebrate with your loved ones. While you dance around with joy, the biggest thing to do is break the news to everyone. This is…

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Hayden Cross Is The First British Man To Be Having A Baby (VIDEO)

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Transgender man having a baby

According to British tabloid The Sun, 20 year old Hayden Cross from Gloucester, England is currently four months pregnant and is the first British man to be having a baby. Hayden, who was born biologically as a woman, has been living as a man for three years. He had been taking hormone therapy and was planning…

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