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9 True Stories That Prove Real Life Is Scarier Than Horror Films

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We all watch those superb movies based on true events of mind-blowing people who did incredible things with their lives. From Schindler’s List to The Imitation Game, movies based on people who have done extraordinary things with their lives pull us in and seduce us with their chilling, thrilling, and god-like achievements during the most…

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Why Ben & Jerry’s Won’t Serve Two Scoops Of The Same Flavor In Australia (VIDEO)

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no double scoops

Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream company has decided to make a symbolic political statement in Australia. They have refused to serve two scoops of the same flavoured ice-cream until Australia brings in marriage equality laws. In a country where the majority of the population are actually for same-sex marriage, it is strange that it has not happened…

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Bizarre ‘Half-Cat, Half-Kangaroo’ Captured on Camera (Video)

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Cryptozoology is the study of animals and other life forms that have not been officially recognized by science. Cryptozoologists are similarly shunned by the official scientific community because they hunt after “mythical” creatures. You see, a cryptozoologist wants to use science to prove that Bigfoot exists or that there really is such a thing as…

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10-Year-Old Surfer Has Close Encounter With Photobombing Shark

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Photobomb Shark

Surfing to catch a big wave is always a good way to kill some time at the beach. However for one intrepid 10-year-old surfer, he caught more than a mere wave while surfing off a beach in Australia recently. The boy’s father, Christopher Hasson, revealed that he was taking photos of his son Eden while…

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Find Your Inner Social Spirituality With Beer Yoga (VIDEO)

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Yoga is definitely one of the most popular ways to stay healthy and find that inner spiritual connection you lack in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But, if you are looking for something a little more social that you can do but still reap the benefits the new fad of beer yoga might…

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