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AL Animal Shelter To Pipe Music In To Soothe Animals

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An animal shelter in my hometown of Huntsville, AL, is piping in music to help soothe the animals. This week, they began testing a sound system to pipe in music to the animals’ cages. Will Roberson with Huntsville Animal Services says the idea came from the community. He says: “This is a concept that came from…

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African President Says Cows Oppose Homosexuality In Shocking Crackdown (VIDEO)

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Tanzanian President John Magufuli has decided to up the war on LGBT rights in the African nation. In a statement the leader said: “Those who teach such things do not like us, brothers. They brought us drugs and homosexual practices that even cows disapprove of.” Deputy Health minister Hamisi Kigwangalla also tweeted: “Have you ever come across a…

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Honey Bees Are MUCH Smarter Than You Think! (VIDEO)

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Honey bees are known to be natural scavengers and calculated gatherers. They are vital pollinators that many species rely on globally. Many of us, however, view these insects as somewhat mindless, drawn by their senses and instinct alone. This, of course, is far from the truth. Not only do honey bees live in a rigidly…

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Diego The Turtle Romanced New Life Into His Dying Species (VIDEO)

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The same man who educated the world on evolution contributed to the near demise of a species. Luckily we have Diego, a male tortoise and proud father of several hundred offspring. Diego is a Chelonoidis hoodensis and lives at the Charles Darwin Research Station in the Galapagos Islands. Back in the 1970s, there were only a dozen or…

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Atlanta Zoo Loses A Bet And Names This Creepy Creature After Tom Brady

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Atlanta Zoo has shown that they have more than a slight dislike of Tom Brady and the Patriots after losing a bet with Providence Zoo, Roger Williams Park Zoo, and Carousel Village. The four different animal sanctuaries made a simple Super Bowl bet where the loser would have to name one of their residents after…

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Tinder: Not Just For Humans Anymore (VIDEO)

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Samboja is looking for love and, like many of us, she’s trying her luck in the virtual realm. The only difference? Samboja is an 11-year-old orangutan living at the Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands. Biologists at Apenheul have developed a Tinder-like app in the hopes that it will increase the success rate of orangutan…

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Principal Has Alternatives For Fighting Bears In School (VIDEO)

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With so much resistance to President Donald Trump, it’s hard to believe that anything good has come out of this nightmare. A principal from Lexington, Kentucky has somehow managed to find the silver lining. Gerry Brooks uploaded a short video with products to help stop bear attacks in schools. If you’re scratching your head on…

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Could Bird Frenzy Be Linked To Recent Tornado? (VIDEO)

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A Youtube video has been uploaded showing a frenzy of birds over a busy highway. The clip was recorded on the 19th January in Houston, Texas. The narrator explains the scene – tens of thousands of birds screeching and flying erratically over a busy highway. He then points to a group of birds sitting on the…

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