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Trump’s ‘Criminal Aliens’ Hotline Inundated With Reports Of Extraterrestrials (TWEETS)

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When the pretend president signed an executive order back in January to help the victims of all the violent alien criminals marauding across the country he probably wasn’t thinking of Ripley’s nemesis or Spielberg’s cute little E.T. but those are the aliens being reported. On May 3rd the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced their…

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Some Of The Best Twitter Reactions To NASA’s Planetary Discovery (TWEETS)

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If you haven’t heard by now that NASA has discovered seven new planets in a tight orbit in the Trappist-1 system about 39-light-years away than either you don’t have the internet, in which case this sentence is pointless, or you are not a big fan of anything other than YouTube. Either way, this discovery can…

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Scientist Discovers Mysterious “Alien Insect” Trapped In Amber (VIDEO)

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Imagine that you are a scientist and you are digging through the forests of Burma. You find some amber, that hardened sap that makes such beautiful jewelry. Amber, the stuff that often holds fossil insects trapped millions of years ago by a drop of sap. Now imagine that when you look through a microscope at your amber,…

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WATCH: Mysterious Transport Rides Through Town Spurring Talk Of Aliens (VIDEO)

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YouTube user, somiskid, filmed a giant mystery object being transported with a massive escort in his town the other night. It was escorted by a police car as well as three lorries and a service vehicle. Some people reacted to his video and offered their guesses. One guessed: “A nuclear flask. It is a shipping…

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