forklift driver destroys warehouse

Mesmerizing Video Shows Forklift Driver Accidentally Destroying An Entire Warehouse

Forklift Driver Destroys Warehouse

This mesmerizing video shows a forklift driver destroying an entire warehouse full of stored goods.

Some of the commenters posited a grim reality, suggesting that the forklift driver is probably dead.

“The amount of force required to push the forklift sideways must have been incredible. If that same force got applied to the guy inside, I’m sure he’s dead.”

Other commenters suggested some things the company did wrong. Because of course, all this poor forklift driver did was drive along doing his job.

  • Overloaded shelving
  • Leaving aisles blocked for forklift traffic
  • Power equipment operator didn’t find an alternate route
  • Driver tried to get around the obstruction instead of clearing it away

It’s likely this forklift driver no longer has a job. Which is sad. But honestly? We’re just hoping dude is OK. Did anyone get hurt in this catastrophe? Who can say? It doesn’t look like it ended well, and this should be shown as a safety video at all warehouses.

Here are some tips from the OSHA website on forklift safety.

Potential Hazards for Forklift Driving:

  • Hitting head on overhead cage.
  • Slips, trips and falls, especially feet slipping off step.

Requirements and Recommended Practices for Forklift Driving:

  • Be sure that your hands are clean and dry to prevent slipping when grabbing handhold.
  • Check your shoes for grease before entering the vehicle.
  • Grasp handhold and get a good grip. Never grab the steering wheel because it could cause you to lose balance if it moves.
  • Always be careful with your footing when mounting and dismounting vehicle. 
  • Pull or lower your body carefully into or out of cab. Dismounting is the opposite of mounting — do not jump.
  • Wear appropriate footwear to prevent skids. 

We hope this forklift driver who destroyed the warehouse where he was working is OK.


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