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The Science Behind Why You’re Craving Pumpkin Spice Everything Right Now

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Fall is here! You know what that means? The stores are filled with pumpkin everything! Catherine Franssen, assistant professor of psychology at Longwood University in Virginia, said: “My husband — whose favorite pie is pumpkin; he’ll eat it year-round — thinks the pumpkin spice craze is funny and brings home all sorts of odd pumpkin…

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Devastating Texas Floods Have Let Snakes, Gators, And Other Creatures Roam Free (VIDEO)

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Texas is home to many alligator sanctuaries. Much like the rest of the flood-devastated area, they too have been struggling to keep their heads above water. One sanctuary in Beaumont holds hundreds of reptiles, including snakes, alligators, and even crocodiles. The animals were moved to higher levels as the floods grew. It is not just the reptiles in…

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WORST TINDER DATE EVER: It All Started When The Toilet Refused To Flush (VIDEO)

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Many people have been on a bad first date. They can be awkward, especially when conversation does not flow. You can quickly realize that you have ended up on a date with someone, with whom you have nothing in common. Then there is a whole new level of bad dates, that probably fall into the…

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Would You Have Surgery To Look Like A Blow Up Doll? This Lady Did (VIDEO)

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Meet Cindy Moore. She is a 31 year old mother of two from Salford, in Manchester England and her dream was to look like a sex doll. Plastic surgery is making that dream come true. The catalyst for her extreme makeover was her break up with the father of her children, after she discovered he…

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Does A Total Eclipse Cause Mayhem? Lots Of People Think So (VIDEO)

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The total eclipse of the sun experienced across the United States on August 21 had the world speculating on the end of the world as we know it. Haha – yeah – I went there…

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Sky Clouds Create Bizarrely Vivid And Ominous Sign (VIDEO)

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A game we often played as children was to lie on our backs and examine the clouds. It was easy to find basic shapes. Sometimes we would see a face, an apple, or maybe even something like a rabbit. Well last week, some people in Indianapolis were lucky enough to capture an incredible image in…

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Scientists Think Something Is Under The Moon’s Surface… And Its Not Cheese (VIDEO)

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Scientists have made a discovery about what is likely to be under the surface on the moon and it is fascinating. The lunar research has shown that there are probably water reservoirs inside that beautiful sphere, and most likely containing a lot of water. The theory is that either water or ice impacted the moon before its…

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Why Do We Speak So Many Languages?

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People currently speak over 7,000 languages around the globe. It’s astonishing watching people who can speak multiple languages switch seamlessly between them when conversing with people. These languages are not spread out evenly across the globe. There are more languages in the tropical regions than in other regions of the planet. The tropical island of…

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Phony Land Rover Crashes Into Real Thing In Bizarre Accident (DETAILS/IMAGES)

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It’s no secret that when it comes to accusations of copyright infringement, Chinese corporations are usually frequent offenders. This is especially apparent in the automotive industry, where Chinese offerings are often styled to be nearly identical to their conventional counterparts. However, a rare meeting between the real deal and its plagiarized cousin materialized via a…

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Worldwide Phenomenon Of Mysterious Rings Appearing In The Sky! (VIDEO)

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Strange black smoke rings have been appearing in the sky the world over, causing quite a stir. There have been rings spotted in Russia, England, the U.S. and they continue popping up is various places. The sightings have created a lot of theories about what they could possibly be. A popular idea online is that…

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Meet The Dinosaurs Called ‘Chickens From Hell’ And Be Amazed At Their Mothering Skills

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Dinosaurs have long fascinated many people and while we used to think of them as giant reptiles, science is showing us more and more that they were much more diverse. Meet the Oviraptorosaur, an ancient bird-like creature. Ranging from the size of a modern chicken to the size of a small elephant, these animals would have…

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You Will Not Believe How This School Punished A Student (VIDEO)

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Milton Hershey school – one of the country’s richest and most prestigious schools, has been involved in a scandal. Former student Adam Dobson alleges that house parents at the school forced him to watch anti-gay videos as a punishment after the IT department detected that Dobson had downloaded gay porn. This is all said to have happened in…

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Amazon A.I. Making Cell Phone Cases Gets It Horribly Wrong (NSFW)

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An A.I. bot created by Amazon to specifically design smartphone cases has outdone itself in ways you cannot even imagine. This bot is supposed to be generating cell phone cases based on trending and popular images searches. However, the programming of the bot has been flubbed, and the designs pouring from the machinery are nothing…

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Man Accidentally Shoots His Penis Off – But That’s NOT His Worst Problem

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If you ask a man what the worst possible thing is that could happen to him, one of two things will be said: either he will talk about losing his job or he will talk about losing his penis. So, when a man accidentally shoots his penis off, that’s a big deal. Right? Not for…

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Ben Franklin Ate Tofu, And Other Weird Facts About The Founding Fathers

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Just in time for the fourth of July, we bring you some astonishing facts about the Founding Fathers. Think how impressive you’ll be at your holiday barbecue sharing these wonderful tidbits! Big Ben Most people know Benjamin Franklin as the brilliant inventor and political writer who helped to spark the Revolution. But he can also be remembered…

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The Internet Is Going Nuts Over What The Mars Rover Might Have Found (VIDEO)

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A picture emerged that sent a Sci-fi loving section of the internet into a frenzy. The picture contains an image of something metallic-looking, and was taken on the planet Mars. Of course, this has many people claiming and hoping that it is indeed a photo of a UFO. It is round and shiny looking. The photo…

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Pictures Illustrating When It’s Simply Too Damn Hot.

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I don’t think people realize how hot some states are climbing this summer. For example, Arizona is practically at its own boiling point. Well I guess Monday will be "nice." Better enjoy it while I can…#phoenix #arizona #hellizona #hot #summer #itshot #idontwantit — Joshua Williams (@joshrwms87) June 11, 2017 Temperatures as high as 122…

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Trump Interrupts Landmark Phone Call To Assert His Heterosexuality

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For those of you who have not heard the news, Ireland has officially elected not only its youngest prime minister, but its first gay prime minister (also known as the Irish Taoiseach). Leo Varadkar, the son of an immigrant, was fairly voted to be the next leader of the country’s main governing party, ushering in a new…

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Wait Until You Hear How Trump Is Changing His Southern Border Wall Plan (VIDEO)

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President Donald Trump has delivered a rant-like speech in front of adoring fans at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In what looked like he was in full campaign mode, at times it seemed as if this speech was a form of therapy for the president. He bragged about pulling out of the Paris climate…

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Yes, There ARE People Who Believe Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows

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Studies are now showing that 7% of all Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. The study was commissioned and conducted online by the Innovative Center of U.S. Dairy, and while 7% might not seem like a big deal, it is when you realize that percentage means 16.4 million Americans believe this preposterous fact.…

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Shock Find In Argentina: Nazi Items Used By Hitler Himself (VIDEO)

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There has been a significant discovery of original Nazi memorabilia in Argentina, shocking the world. The huge collection of Nazi pieces was found in a hidden room behind a bookcase in a house in Buenos Aires. Around 75 genuine articles have been found and the collection has many puzzled by how on earth they got there.…

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These Coincidences Prove That Sometimes Fate Is Just Too Cruel

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Life is full of funny little coincidences. Sometimes those happenings are wonderful and amazing. But sometimes they give us the idea that fate has it in for certain people. Take these bizarre and horrific coincidences, for example. 1. The Hoover Dam During the construction of the massive dam in the early part of the last…

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These Incredible Coincidences Will Absolutely Amaze You

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We’ve all had those funny little coincidences that make us wonder about the magic in life. You know what I mean. Like the time you pick up your phone to reach out to an old friend, and find a text from that long lost person has just come in. These stories will convince you that life…

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Watch Out! This Tick Bite Can Give You Catastrophic Cheeseburger Aversion

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Now that summer is here, we are all cowering in terror because of the ticks crawling on every blade of grass. We worry about getting Lyme Disease, anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Powassan virus. Gulp! People are spraying on deet, cedar oil, lemon and eucalyptus. We’re tick checking, showering, doing laundry every six hours. But it’s still…

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Thrift Shop Purchase Sheds Light On Mount St. Helens Eruption And Prompts Family Reunion

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Newly discovered images of the deadliest volcano blast in U.S. history has finally surfaced, and you will never guess where they came from. 38-year old Kati Dimoff is a photographer from Portland, Oregon, and she had made a hobby out of purchasing old cameras from thrift shops. Sometimes she enjoys the restoration project, sometimes she…

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The Twitter Message Bill Clinton’s “Love Child” Left For Him On Father’s Day

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Alright, so no one really knows if the claims this man is making are true, but 31-year old Danney Williams posted a series of messages on his Twitter account thanking the man who “abandoned him” for “giving him life.” Even though you abandoned me and only took care of Chelsea, I still want to thank…

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You Won’t Believe What This Texan Did Because Her Nuggets Took Too Long (VIDEO)

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mcdonalds texas

We have all been there. You have a big hunger. You are so hungry you just cannot wait. So you reach for fast food – a solution for those who don’t want to cook and feel starving hungry. Then you get to the fast food joint, in this case it was McDonald’s. This Texan woman went…

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Ghost Rider Motor Bike Leaves Everyone Stunned (VIDEO)

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Motorists in Paris got quite a shock when driving along a freeway recently. In amazing footage, a motorbike with no rider was captured riding along the road near Paris, in a straight line. The mystery sparked off quite a lot of awe, with people wondering how on Earth this could happen. The bike stunned onlookers as…

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After Finding A Worm In A Packaged Cucumber, Customer Service Hilarity Ensued

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Wes Metcalfe took on the brave world of customer service departments when he contacted Tesco after finding a worm housed in his packaged cucumber. Now, we all understand the world of customer service can be grueling, unforgiving, and unsympathetic. So, Metcalfe decided to try and tug at the heartstrings of the customer service department by…

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Guess Who The Ancient Egyptians Really Were? The Mummy DNA Tests Are In! (VIDEO)

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For the first time, scientists have managed to sequence the DNA from some ancient mummified human remains in Egypt. These people lived thousands of years ago and were meticulously mummified – to the point where modern science does not fully understand how they were able to achieve this. Well the results of the DNA tests are…

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Spanish Men Have Been Asked To Keep Their Knees Together (VIDEO)

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It turns out that a certain uncomfortable problem on public transport is actually a global phenomenon. Signs on public transport in Madrid, Spain have shown that people have had enough – enough of ‘manspreading.’ In case you do not know, ‘manspreading’ is when a man chooses to sit with their legs wide apart in a…

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Swedes In Pig Masks Give Whole New Meaning To The Word ‘Porking’

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Insjön, a tiny Swedish hamlet with only 2,000 residents, is the center of a bizarre incident involving pigs, lasers, and the hit game, Pokémon Go. Two teenage boys were playing Pokémon Go, and trying to catch ’em all around 10:30 pm near a local lake when they ran into a couple wearing rubber pig masks. The…

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Wisconsin Judge Uses An App To Decide A Man’s 6-Year Prison Sentence

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We have all heard stories about judges handing out creative punishments for people who find themselves in their courtrooms: from holding up embarrassing signs on the side of the road to being subjected to hours of loud music, many judges around the country are getting creative with their punishments in order to teach lessons and…

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Just In: Vladimir Putin Is Not a Woman

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Vladimir Putin always has a great day. Always. He is never, ever, off his game. You want to know how this is possible?  The Russian strongman has an answer. Speaking with legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone, Russia’s President made a statement that could have been taken right out of Donald Trump’s own mouth. The two men…

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9 True Stories That Prove Real Life Is Scarier Than Horror Films

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We all watch those superb movies based on true events of mind-blowing people who did incredible things with their lives. From Schindler’s List to The Imitation Game, movies based on people who have done extraordinary things with their lives pull us in and seduce us with their chilling, thrilling, and god-like achievements during the most…

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You’ll Be Grateful This Really Disgusting Scene Was Cut From Beauty And The Beast (VIDEO)

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Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast starring Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson has had a lot of attention. One reason is because it was the first Disney film to feature a gay character. An Alabama cinema even banned it from being screened for this reason. Another element that is grabbing attention is what did NOT appear in the film.…

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Teens More Likely To Go Crazy If They Live In The City

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  I live in a very rural place. There are turkeys running around, deer all over the place and even a family of black bears who raid my bird feeders. When I look out my window, I see trees, birds, grass and sky. I rarely hear traffic. A new study by King’s College in London…

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Scientists Create Human-Pig Hybrid!! (VIDEO)

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Every day, hundreds of new people are added to the national list in need of an organ. Many die while waiting for these organs. Scientists ponder certain questions every day. What if the injured and ill no longer need to wait? What if instead of relying on a donor, you could grow the needed organ…

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A Woman Marries A Building, Claims To Have Romantic Connection (VIDEO)

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Forty-five-year-old Carol Santa Fe, a native of San Diego, California, is a happily married woman. She has had the same lover for a whopping thirty-six years. According to Carol, the love of her life is the Santa Fe train station. Ever since she was nine-years-old, Carol has been in love with the old building. The…

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Holy Batman! Another Joker Arrested – What Is Going On? (VIDEO)

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Lawrence Patrick Sullivan has appeared in front of court arrested for pointing guns at passing cars. He was captured in Miami, Florida and is distinct in that he has green dyed hair and tattoos on his face inspired by the Batman villain The Joker. The tattoos include the word “Joker” “F%$k” and then a picture of…

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Welcome To The Future: Dubai Is Building An Army Of Real-Life Robocops (VIDEO)

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robot cops

In scenes that look straight out of futuristic films, Dubai has developed a real life Robocop. In a crazy leap into the future, Dubai are looking to robots to fill a quarter of their police force  by the year 2030. Currently the robot is being used as security in a mall. The exciting technology is…

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Ever Wonder Why Japanese Women Are So Skinny? Check These Portions Out (VIDEO)

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A Japanese chef has developed a new style of cooking over the past two years. Since discovering a miniature cooking set, Yukiko Hasada has become an online sensation by turning regular sized ingredients into teeny-tiny food creations in fascinating videos online. It is incredible to see these tiny food replicas come to life – from savoury…

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Man Tries To Help ‘Removes Transgender Woman’s Testicles’ At Her Apartment — Hint: Don’t Do This At Home

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A man from Denver, Colorado is currently being accused of removing a transgender woman’s testicles with a basic Army surgical kit in the confines of her own home. James Pennington, the type of person you would think to promote this exact type of action, is now facing felony assault charges after he admitted to the…

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Honey Bees Are MUCH Smarter Than You Think! (VIDEO)

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Honey bees are known to be natural scavengers and calculated gatherers. They are vital pollinators that many species rely on globally. Many of us, however, view these insects as somewhat mindless, drawn by their senses and instinct alone. This, of course, is far from the truth. Not only do honey bees live in a rigidly…

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Georgia’s Death Row Guy Channels Cool Hand Luke In Last Words: ‘You Can Kiss My White Trash A** (VIDEO)

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One of Paul Newman’s most notable movies was Cool Hand Luke, a 1967 prison drama. He played Luke, an inmate who wouldn’t conform to life behind bars. So it shouldn’t be that surprising that an inmate recited lines from it while being executed. J.W. Ledford, Jr. was executed last Wednesday at 1:17 am in Georgia. He originally…

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Author Who Went Public About 1-Inch Manhood Writes Coping Manual For Fellow Tiny Guys

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“Micropenis” is a medically-documented term that denotes when a man has an unusually small penis. Ant Smith, who went public about his condition with his poem Shorty, has now come out with a book entitled The Small Penis Bible, it’s goal is denoted perfectly within the title: this book was created under the deep desire for Smith to…

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One-Eyed Mammal Is Now A Rockstar In India (VIDEO)

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Miracles are real. They happen every day. However, it is not every day a miracle turns into an object of worship. In the Assam region of India, a goat mother recently gave birth to a baby with one eye and one ear. Local veterinarians did not give the little baby much chance of making it…

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OMG! Wings On A Snake? Scientists Find Incredible Ancient Fossil (VIDEO)

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flying snake

An incredible discovery has been made in the least likely place. In a sinkhole in Tennessee, a 5 million year old fossil of a winged snake has been found. The precious ancient skeleton was uncovered along with a number of other snake remains. This find means a new species,   – Zilantophis and it is believed they could…

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