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Ghost Rider Motor Bike Leaves Everyone Stunned (VIDEO)

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Motorists in Paris got quite a shock when driving along a freeway recently. In amazing footage, a motorbike with no rider was captured riding along the road near Paris, in a straight line. The mystery sparked off quite a lot of awe, with people wondering how on Earth this could happen. The bike stunned onlookers as…

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This UFC Fighters Post Fight Interview Was A First

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Jessica Andrade, a UFC strawweight contender, had just fought champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk in a title match in Dallas. Unfortunately for Andrade, her title bid was unsuccessful, and she lost the UFC 211 fight by way of a unanimous decision. As is the tradition after title bids, the unsuccessful fighter was interviewed in the ring. In…

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Nancy Kerrigan Reacts To Yamaguchi’s ‘Break A Leg’ Comment (VIDEO)

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23-years-ago, ice skater Nancy Kerrigan was the victim of a brutal attack right before a tournament. The incident brought her world wide fame and she is now once again in the media spotlight. Kerrigan has been cast in this season of Dancing With The Stars. Kristi Yamaguchi told the former ice skater to ‘break a leg’ during the…

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Just When This WRC Racer Makes Major Mistake…He Completely Changes His Luck (Video)

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Typically rally cross racers usually have a good sense of direction, as well as a map wielding passenger to help them avoid getting lost on some of the world’s fiercest rally circuits. However, for one driver, an errant bump nearly ruined his day, but he still managed to win the event despite his brief unplanned…

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Mark Cuban Throws Major Shade At Trump During Celebrity Basketball Game

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Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has been very outspoken about his contempt for President Trump recently. Trump, has also not held back with his twittertantrums towards Cuban. The two have been known the battle it out in Twitter land over Trump’s policies and his gloriously sadistic regime. On Thursday Cuban tweeted: It’s a…

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These Young Men Are America At Our Best

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The young men who play basketball for the Lower Merion High School team have certainly made their parents, teachers, coaches and neighbors proud. The Pennsylvania basketball team won its Central League championship the other night. That’s a very big deal even in a place where there has been lots of basketball success. The kids must have…

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Patriots’ Devin McCourty Majorly Snubs Trump (VIDEO)

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Devin McCourty, Safety, Patriot’s team captain, Pro-Bowler, and second-team all-pro pick for this year, has joined his teammate Martellus Bennett in the decision to not attend any Super Bowl party at the White House. With the way that the current political regime has pushed their racist rhetoric onto the public it is not surprise that…

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