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Kids Hilariously Interrupt Live BBC Interview (VIDEO)

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During a very serious live interview on BBC News, Professor Robert Kelly found himself unexpectedly interrupted by his children prancing into the room one-by-one to check out what daddy’s doing. In a video that just gets funnier and funnier, Kelly is discussing the implications of the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye when his toddler…

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Senator Ron Johnson Is About To Receive A Buttload Of …. Well, Butts

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Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is an accomplished man. The Republican lawmaker is best known for issuing a cease-and-desist letter to and generally blowing off constituents, calling the idea of man-made climate change “lunacy,” and fervently defending oil exploration totally unrelated to his hundreds of thousands of dollars in BP and Exxon stock. Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin has…

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Racist Georgia Couple Sentenced For Drunken Terrorist Rampage (VIDEO)

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A pair of Georgia racists have come to the harsh realization that sometimes actions do have consequences. On Monday, a judge in Georgia sentenced Kayla Norton, 25, and Jose “Joe” Torres, 26, to six years and 13 years in prison, respectively, for terrorizing an 8-year-old’s birthday party in 2015. Norton and Torres, who have three…

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Can Milo Yiannopoulos Be Deported Now That He’s Unemployed? (VIDEO)

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Now that Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from Breitbart, people everywhere who are sick of his petulant blathering are wondering if the newly-unemployed British national could be deported. Yiannopolous is currently residing in the U.S. under an O-1 visa. Here’s the qualification for this temporary worker visa that’s issued to fewer than 14,000 people a year: “Individuals who possess…

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Forget Roses: This Marijuana Bouquet Is True Romance

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Listen, we all know that chocolates and roses are overrated and played out. Your significant other probably isn’t going to be upset about getting yet another box of truffles to devour, but wouldn’t you rather give something actually interesting and surprising rather than a gift that screams “I’m doing this totally out of obligation.” Valentine’s Day may…

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The 5 Weirdest Sex Events You Had No Idea Existed (VIDEO)

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Thanks to the internet, we all know there’s a dizzying array of kinks and sexual subcultures in the world. Yet somehow, discovering the things people do to get their rocks off never ceases to astonish. From the charitable to the questionable, here are five of the world’s weirdest sex events — that we know of. 1. Masturbate-a-thons People do…

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Tinder: Not Just For Humans Anymore (VIDEO)

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Samboja is looking for love and, like many of us, she’s trying her luck in the virtual realm. The only difference? Samboja is an 11-year-old orangutan living at the Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands. Biologists at Apenheul have developed a Tinder-like app in the hopes that it will increase the success rate of orangutan…

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Pornhub Just Launched Its Own Sex Ed Site (VIDEO)

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Porn sites aren’t exactly known for their social justice work, but porn giant Pornhub is trying to change that by launching a brand-spanking-new sexual health website. The Pornhub Sexual Health Center will provide resources and education on sexual health topics ranging from STIs to top erotic positions for lesbians to trans* terminology. Prominent sex therapist Dr. Laurie…

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The Miss Universe Pageant Has The Craziest Outfits

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Miss Universe contestants take the costume part of the national costume showcase seriously. In 2016, stunning Miss Universe contestants from around the world donned national costumes that ranged from the gorgeous to the garish. Regardless of your opinions on beauty pageants, there’s no denying that these eight national costumes are downright impressive. We’re drooling over Miss Venezuela…

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China Is Having A Blast With This Trump Tweet Generator

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Donald Trump caricature

Twitter may be blocked in China, but that hasn’t stopped it from being hugely popular. And in the face of a President Trump who loves to talk smack about China, websites that let users generate fake @realDonaldTrump tweets have become a national sensation. One such site was created by Beijing-based startup Jike. Within four days of…

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Snapchat Is The New Burner Phone

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For a second, selling drugs over Snapchat sounds like an ingenious idea. You snap a photo of your goods, send it to your prospective clients, and once they view it – poof – the evidence is gone. But if you think about it for about two seconds longer, you remember that Snapchat can be screenshot…

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Flights To D.C. Are Completely Packed With Nasty Women

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"Women Deserve Better" graffiti

Women across the country are gearing up for today’s Women’s March on Washington, and Twitter is blowing up with inspiring displays of female solidarity. This pro-women’s rights march is fighting to reaffirm women’s rights as human rights in the face of a new administration, and cities across the country — and world — have taken notice.…

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No One’s Hiding Their Feelings At Trump’s Inauguration

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Michelle Obama side-eye

No matter your political affiliation, there’s no denying that Trump’s inauguration was a strange affair. From the small crowd and half-hearted applause during his inaugural address, to the bizarre “Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration” concert whose biggest artists were Toby Keith, creator of inspiring songs like “Red Solo Cup,” and 3 Doors Down, who we all just…

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This Cancer Survivor Is Instagramming Her Amputated Foot, And It’s Hilarious

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Instagramer @onefootwander

Kristi Loyall kicked cancer’s ass, no bones about it. Well, maybe some bones — after her foot was amputated in April 2016 due to a cancerous lump, this Instagrammer had the clever (and more than a little horrifying) idea of taking her amputated appendage home with her. Ever since, the limb has been going on…

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China Has The Big Cock Trump’s Always Wanted (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump

January 28 marks the start of the Chinese Year of the Rooster, and China is preparing for its celebration in a tremendous way. After a 23-foot-tall rooster statue with an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump appeared in a Chinese shopping center two weeks ago, Chinese manufacturers have been having a blast producing replicas of the cocky statue,…

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Wondering What 2017 Has In Store? Ask The Asparagus (VIDEO)

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asparagus tips

Has 2016 left you feeling nervous about the new year? Not sure what 2017 may hold for you, the nation, or the fate of the universe? Fear not, because the Asparamancer has the answers you crave. Jemima Packington, better known as the Asparamancer, has just released her predictions for 2017, all based on asparagus. Yes,…

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Tased And Confused: Arizona Man Discovers Weed Still Illegal After Front Yard Arrest (VIDEO)

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Mugshot of Lon Victor Post

Nothing beats kicking back in the front yard, jamming out and enjoying an innocent toke — except when you forget that marijuana is still illegal in your state, and find yourself in the back of a squad car instead of high on cloud nine. That’s what happened to Lon Victor Post, 54, last Wednesday. The…

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Man Wakes Up To Discover A Brick Wall In Place Of His Door (VIDEO)

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Brick Wall

Prank culture has come a long way from the days of prank calls, Candid Camera, and Punk’d. YouTube prank videos have become massively popular, with hijinks ranging from the mild to the malicious filling our news feeds, generating millions of views, and even leading to the occasional arrest. High-profile prank channels such as PrankvsPrank and…

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