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Jeremy Meeks Completely Changed His Life And You Won’t Believe How Amazing He Looks

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This guys mugshot landed him various modeling opportunities. His mugshot went viral on the internet in 2016, thanks to women everywhere sharing the photo. People seemed infatuated by his looks sharing the mugshot along with comments over his sparkling eyes and chiseled features. The photo was spread so much that modeling agencies took notice and…

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2017 BMW Expected To Move Self-Driving Cars Forward (VIDEO)

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BMW has been busy with the self-driving car challenge. The company has a prototype that it showcased during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show last week. It plans to test 40 self-driving cars toward the end of 2017. Other car manufacturers that participated in the show included Ford, Mercedes, FCA, and Volkswagen. BMW has partnered with…

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Moscow Accuses US of ‘Amateurish’ Behavior Regarding Election Hacking (VIDEO)

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Russia has apparently decided that the election hacking scandal has gone beyond ridiculous. Moscow Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that Moscow has grown “tired” of what is “reminiscent of a witch hunt,” and that it sees US hacking intelligence allegations as “amateurish” in nature. He also told reporters that the intelligence report released…

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Will This Be Mariah Carey’s First Lip Sync Fail of 2017? (VIDEO)

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In front of thousands of people at Times Square New York and millions of people watching at home, singer Mariah Carey had a disastrous performance at the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2017. After obviously lip syncing to the classic “Aude Lang Syne,” she went on to perform her 1991 hit “Emotions” but the…

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2016 Hollywood Movies: Attendance Flat Yet Movie Revenue Increasing (VIDEO)

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There seems to be some controversy as to whether or not things are going swimmingly in Hollywood these days. After a two-decade low was reported in 2014 about North American moviegoer attendance, signs of improvement still seem to be lacking. However, revenue is said to have shown some increase. The types of movies that brought…

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McDonalds Opens Inside Vatican: What Might St. Peter Do?

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Not only is the Pope Catholic, but he apparently also likes having a McDonald’s close by. It seems ironic that this McDonald’s, which is inside of the Vatican, opened on a Friday. But it wasn’t Lent, so maybe that’s why they got away with it. Or maybe it’s the fish sandwich that made it okay.…

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