Could Your Next Pizza Show Up In A Driverless Car?

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Domino’s and Ford Motors have teamed up to test a driverless car to deliver pizzas. They are trial-testing it at a store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Domino’s is based.

The test is using a Ford Fusion sedan with markings to indicate that it is self-driving. The Fusion is capable of driving itself, but it is being driven by an engineer for testing.

The windows will be tinted to prevent people from seeing the driver. The intent of the test is to gauge the customers’ reaction and to see if they really think the car is driving itself.

The customer will receive a text message when the car arrives. They would then go out to the car and enter the last four digits of their phone number on a tablet. The correct number would then cause the window to open. The customer could then grab their pizza out of a compartment designed to keep the pizzas warm and keep them from sliding around.

Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA, said:

“We are delivery experts. This is where the industry is going. We think we are the right company, and we certainly are working with the right partner to make this happen.”

If the customer lingers too long, a voice will tell them to back up so the car can safely drive away. This is a neat idea, but it would take away a lot of jobs.

Featured image via Twitter.