5 Scientific Benefits Of Napping

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Even on your best day, life can be so exhausting. Sometimes, you just really need a nap. Here are just a few scientific reasons why it is okay to take a nap during the day:

1. It Can Boost Your Immune System.

Sleep deprivations can take a toll on your immune system. Studies show that a nap can make up for lost brain chemicals from skipping a night’s sleep.

2. A Nap Can Improve Night Alertness

For people who work at night, a nap can make them more alert when they do have to go to work. A 1995 study found:

“naps, in general, provided longer and less graded changes in performance, mood, and alertness than did caffeine, which displayed peak effectiveness and loss of effect within about six hours.”

3. Naps Improve Daytime Alertness, As Well.

Naps just make you all around more alert. The most effective time was 10 minutes. A 30-minute nap helps, too, but it can produce a period of impaired alertness.

4. Naps Improve Your Memory.

Sleeping works to consolidate your memories. A 2010 study found that participants were better able to remember a set of photographs after a 90-minute nap.

5. Naps Improve Physical Stamina.

Napping not only improves memory, but it can also improve physical stamina and performance. A nap can:

 “improves alertness and aspects of mental and physical performance following partial sleep loss.”

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