The Story Of A Kind Protester Helping Trump Supporters Get To Safety In Boston (TWEETS)

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Reporter Steve Annear of the Boston Globe tweeted a heartwarming story. After over a week of the ugliest scenes and terrible displays of bigotry and racism, this story is a refreshingly happy one. From Twitter, Annear posted an introduction to the story:

This is Imani, from CT. She just escorted Trump supporters through a crowd as a situation escalated. Here’s why in her words:

Then he posted a picture of her and her words:

“I know people are heated but I think it’s better to have them on that side of the fence. It’s the right thing to do at the end of the day. We are all part of the same country. It’s unfortunate what’s happening, but the response we should have is to be non violent. You know I don’t believe in this right-wing narrative of the alt-left and how we are crazed and looking to get violent. What better way to show that they are wrong?”


Image from Twitter


Talk about turning the other cheek. This is an example of kindness we don’t often hear about, but it happens. People like Imani exist in numbers. They are kind, even to people who may not return the favor. She also has taught us with her actions that there are many peaceful protesters that want to stand up to hate speech and yet do not want harm to come to people.

People like Imani are amazing and her actions could be powerful enough to change hearts and minds.

Her final line is just beautiful:

I couldn’t get through a KKK rally with the same treatment. But we shouldn’t be like them.

This is the action of true courage, kindness, and rising above hatred. Imani’s actions do prove the narrative of the violent alt-left wrong. Imani joins people like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela by fighting oppression in a non-violent and yet very powerful way. She is standing for equality and justice, but she wants to do it peacefully. You can’t make someone change their minds with violence, but maybe as Imani has shown, it is possible with acts of love and kindness. Even in the face of hate, she acted with love.

Former President Barack Obama’s tweet of Nelson Mandela’s famous quote about love and hate with regard to racism has been retweeted a record number of times. Hate is taught. The amazing part of Imani’s story is that she cared enough about the safety of people, even though she disagreed with what they stood for. This is more than admirable.

This is a story of hope and altruism. Imani did a wondeful thing and stories like hers need to be shared.

Featured image via Twitter.