Does A Total Eclipse Cause Mayhem? Lots Of People Think So (VIDEO)

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It is easy to feel like the world has gone a bit crazy right now. A total eclipse was seen across the United States on Monday bringing people from all over the world to check it out. Bonnie Tyler performed her classic hit ‘Total Eclipse of the Sun.’ There is a lot going on. Think about the past year. No one could have predicted the mayhem. 2016 was celebrity death after celebrity death as well as an elected president with more than questionable morals and absolutely no experience.

It was the first time since 1918, almost 100 years, that a total eclipse was seen across the whole of the country. There will be another one in just 7 years in 2024. Well this has got theories going about what it all could mean. Of course there are those who think it is the end of the world. There are even Simpsons fans who believe that an episode back in 2009 about an eclipse predicted many things going on now. The Simpsons also predicted the Trump presidency in older episodes.

There is a theory among traders that eclipses cause stock market crashes. Mind you predicting the stock market is hardly a science and in some cases dart boards have made the best decisions.

NASA physicists are using the opportunity of a total eclipse to study the sun. Many scientific leaps forward have happened during an eclipse, including the discovery of helium and the proof of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Of course astrologers also get very excited by events such as eclipses and will also tell you how significant they are for you.

The political mayhem and hysteria of the last week or two has left many people feeling exhausted, but it seems everyone was not too tired to descend upon the university town Carbondale in Illinois to check out the exciting eclipse in its totality. People drove from miles around just to see the spectacle.



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