Owners Set Up Social Media Accounts For Their Synthetic Humanoids And Its Bizarre! (VIDEO)

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It seems that realistic sex dolls have become a thing. Well that might not be that surprising, if they exist there is obviously a demand. A strange development has been that some of the owners of sex dolls have set up social media accounts on behalf of their dolls. You would think a lifeless doll would not have much to say on social media, but apparently they do. They like sharing their hobbies through pictures of themselves doing various every day things.

The social media accounts of these dolls were uncovered by The Sun recently and the article shows us what they do in their spare time. Most people lead a digital life these days and it seems these realistic sex dolls are no exception.

The activities these dolls get up to are varied, They include playing cards with friends, smoking cigars, watching their ipads, playing video games, sitting on the toilet, walking through nature in the buff, even riding a quad bike – you know – regular every day things that everyone does.

These owners certainly enjoy role play and sure get their money’s worth out of these dolls. Makes you wonder if a realistic sex doll movie is in the midst.

The popularity of real-life sex dolls are growing and there is even talk of combining their life-like looks with artificial intelligence in the hope of eradicating human trafficking. Technology in the sex arena is moving full throttle and it seems people are loving it. Sex dolls appear to solve problems in society. These social media accounts hint that the dolls are there not only to offer physical relief for their owners, but also perhaps to help with the loneliness in their lives too.

It is all too easy to see a future where people solve real life problems with virtual ones. Portraying the private life of your sex doll may seem a strange thing to do right now and maybe it is. A scarier idea is who knows how long it will be until the dolls can run their own accounts?

Skynet anyone?



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