Bette Midler Tweets Out A Video Of Dubbed ‘Sassy’ Trump Spouting His Latest War Rhetoric (TWEETS VIDEO)

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Bette Midler has struck again. While many celebrities tweet about President Donald Trump quite often, Midler has been consistent and funny with her quips and criticisms.

The Divine Miss M recently tweeted a video of Trump that had been dubbed over with a sassy voice. The tweet read like this:

Provincetown is of course a popular vacation destination for the LGBTQ community. While some may take offense to the video, it is seemingly done in jest. Midler is a long time supporter and friend of LGBTQ causes and people. Her career took off playing in gay clubs and her bawdy presence was no doubt shaped by those roots.

The poking fun at Trump has become a daily thing. His war rhetoric with North Korea is frightening. There are actual lives at stake. This is not a game or anything to be taken lightly. This is something we don’t want to happen.

This tweet from Midler was posted days ago, before the horror of Charlottesville.

Her reaction to this recent display of hatred and intolerance can be seen in this tweet to be much more solemn:

Midler speaks for many people. When we see a horrible outpouring of violence and intolerance it makes us all very low in spirits. It feels like horrible chapters of history are repeating themselves. We should have learned the lessons of nuclear arms races. We should have learned the lessons of horrible racism and oppression. These are lessons that should have been learned! Why and how they are they rearing their ugly heads again?

It is easy to blame the president, but I think we need to look even deeper. Is it a lack of education? Is it passed on prejudice? How can different people look at America’s blood thirsty history of slavery and oppression and come out with such different views?

At the very least it should be agreed that a theft of labor occurred, and a theft of lives. How can that ever be repaid?

It needs to be acknowledged.

Healing does indeed need to happen!



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