Yes Men Pretend To Be The DNC Leaving Many Wishing They Were For Real (VIDEO)

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Politicon featured many entertaining political debates recently. It was a coming together of many differing viewpoints. One appearance was both funny and sad at the same time and that was a prank pulled by none other than the Yes men. The performance was more than convincing with a man called Frank Spencer claiming to be from the DNC with some results on what the Democrats need to do to win again.

He gives a straight forward type of autopsy of the 2016 defeat and tries to pinpoint where the Democratic party went wrong. He is totally deadpan as he describes the ideal thing to do would be to push for single payer health care, but then admits their donors would not like it. The sign behind him features a hashtag #DNCtakeback.

The looks from the crowd are ones of shock because of the blatant honesty coming from Mr Spencer. He claims to expand on the DNC’s real Better Deal proposal and says that it entails an intention of getting back to the party’s:

progressive roots.

He then goes on to detail plans of Medicare for all, a universal basic income, and rejection of donor money. He basically puts forward that the DNC are about to follow Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ whole policy platform. The reaction in the crowd is amusing, with raised eyebrows and people looking around for other reactions. They are not sure whether to believe what they are hearing.

Citizen’s Media posted the video on Facebook with this message:

The Yes Men prank the DNC at this year’s Politicon. This is how the Democratic Party SHOULD sound. Now the party is put in a position to deny actually wanting these things, such as universal healthcare and truly taking money out of politics.

Many people felt the same wishing it was not a prank, but actual change in policy direction from the DNC.

There is no secret the Democrat party is currently divided. On one side, we see Bernie-inspired progressives pushing for healthcare for all and higher wages, while on the other, we see Tom Perez and Nancy Pelosi claiming people do not want a change in direction.

Both wings of the Democrats are busy pointing fingers at the other. This convincing prank by the Yes men just highlights the divide even more.

In this it was funny and sad at the same time.


Watch the prank here:


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